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About Medici University

Student driven, bespoke programs that emphasize project based learning.

No Requirements

At Medici University your program never comes down from above like tablets off a mountain. At MU the student is the ultimate judge of what their graduate program will and will not include. It’s not about our vision, it’s about helping you realize your vision.

No Hoops

Some people prefer the technical term “bullshit.” Whatever you call it, bureaucratic organizations tend to spend a lot of time telling you what to go do with your graduate experience. At Medici University we’re here to get out of the way. We’re here to empower you to create an alternative, deeply personalized program that gives your real and valuable experience on the way to the life you want to live.

No Debt

Brick & mortar Universities saddle you with about USD 30,000 of debt / year of grad school. Sprawling campuses are expensive. Security. Landscaping. Faculty. Staff. At Medici University we eliminate almost all of it. We don’t charge fees because we don’t provide a behemoth infrastructure that you don’t need. Our job is to get out of your way, and keep you out of debt.


At Medici University you’ll work with world-class faculty. You’ll work with active artists who are accessible and helpful. Faculty that will help you refine and advance your creativity.

MU Creativity

Medici University's magazine of student creativity. Editor: Art Oluja.

Medici University: A fond farewell

By Myra Wilmist and Art Oluja Medici University is closing, but its legacy lives on....
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The Painting on The Wall – Storyboard Finale

The neighbors are always peeking across each others lawns, comparing shades of green and looking for new gossip to fill their day with. Some of them just cant find anything better to preoccupy themselves with. Especially that airhead Mariah next door who's always pretending she can't see me from her kitchen while she's waiting for her muffins to bake.
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Lucia Ventures Out From Slepford

part one Weeks and months had passed. The weather was hot and humid which made...
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Practice Based Research in the Arts

Many MU Learners hail from Practice-Based Research in the Arts and Creating Site-specific Dance & Performance Works. You can see all PBR content here:

For a linked list of all PBR Topics, visit:

Warhol MOOC

Essays from Glyn Davis' Warhol MOOC. With an introduction by Gary Needham. Editors: Edie Sedgwick & Isabella Medici.

Warhol: Introduction & Table of Contents

The focus of this Inaugural Issue of MOOC Magazine is the creative output of Dr. Glyn Davis' Warhol MOOC from the University of Edinburgh / Coursera.
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Nothing special: Warhol’s childhood scrapbook

Andy Warhol's Childhood Scrapbook may be understood as the germ of a number of themes and obsessions that underscore the majority of Warhol’s adult life from the fascination with Hollywood and stardom to the way in which the scrapbook is organised through uniformity, seriality, and an overt mechanical reproduction through the mass produced studio portraits of film stars.
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Dollar Sign

Born to poor, immigrant parents in Pittsburgh in 1928, Warhol grew up during The Great Depression. From 1962's 200 One Dollar Bills, to 1981's Dollar Sign, Warhol spent his career painting that which he grew up without.
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The Velvet Underground & Nico

Andy Warhol designed and produced covers for over 50 record albums, for classical, spoken word, jazz, rock and pop music, from 1949 to 1986. None have quite achieved the status afforded to The Velvet Underground & Nico with its Andy Warhol Banana.
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MU Publications

Read one of Medici University’s award-winning publications:

MU Creativity

A journal of avatar creativity at LEA23 in Second Life, and beyond! Editor: Art Oluja.

MOOC Magazine

A journal of MOOC studies. A chance to present some of the great student research normally silo’d in MOOC portals to a wider audience. Editors: Edie Sedgwick & Isabella Medici.

Campus News

Updates, classes, activities, and more from the creative minds at Medici University.