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  • Edie 20:02 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Summer Session Aug 1 – Sep 13! Enroll Now! 

    map of a second life region

    Art Farm Coop

    Opens August 1st! Join us!

    • Oona 02:21 on 01/07/2015 Permalink | Reply

      How do i apply Edie? 🙂 🙂

  • Izzy 06:38 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

    What an amazing semester! Thank you all! Congratulations to everyone!!

    • Paypabak Writer 14:32 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Congratulations on one of the most unique LEAs to be funded. The execution was superb. By trusting your instincts, you allowed all of us to shine. What shone through was more than just an exhibit of virtual art but a 24/7 performance of how creation is done. Bravo! to you and everyone involved.

    • Neeva 15:30 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks so much Izzy! What a great, fun experience it was. The Medici University Alumni Art & Party Association will be contacting everyone shortly. 🙂

    • Elle 19:03 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you Izzy! Congrats to all.

    • Newton 22:28 on 01/07/2015 Permalink | Reply

      It was great to work with MU learners in this great environment, and to actualize an identity as a learner after all of these years wandering the grid just looking handsome. Thank you Izzy and gang.

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    Medici University: A fond farewell 

    Medici University: A fond farewell

    Art and I wrote a little farewell piece for MU over at Creativity. Not quite a commencement speech, but a very hopeful sendoff. There are some very nice pictures of the campus, too.

    • Myra
    • Paypabak Writer 14:34 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great post. I get very exasperated by WP requiring a different login for every blog I have to register in, so it’s nice to be able to comment here! I am so honored to be a small part of this incredible project and experience.

      • Myra 17:50 on 30/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, Pay. It was such an amazing experience. I’m so happy to have been part of it.

  • Jade Ravenheart 19:27 on 28/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Gallery of Emotions 

    In honor of working with such great and inspiring artists, there is a gallery of their work that was created during the Expressing Emotion through Art course. I would like to thank them all for attending week after week, and offering their opinions and feelings openly. It was one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever taught on Second Life. Thank you so much!


    Elle Thorkveld

    Muse Rose

    Hayden Valeur

    Much love for the creators/owners of MU. This has been such a  great experience! I hope to see you all in the near future. Good luck to everyone!

    SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA23/224/20/23

    • Elle 15:41 on 29/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you Jade for your kind words and a wonderful class! Thank you to Muse and Hayden for the interesting discussions and great creative art. It was fun.

  • wendz tempest 05:54 on 25/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Hi everyone! I did a sort of part 2 final project thing and tried a hand at making machinima, I’m just sorry I never could figure out the technical aspect till it was too late 🙁

    this is for the What Second Life Means to Me video project (http://bit.ly/1GJe3Pw) and a lot of the clips are from MU itself ft some of your works! here’s the link:

    have a great evening and hope you all enjoy


    • Neeva 06:30 on 25/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Wendy! Thanks for the link. I loved seeing your video. Especially the scenes from MU like laserskater’s planets, and the tentacles coming out of the sea. Your voiceover was charming. im still amazed at how creative and industrious everyone at MU has been. What a great experience.

    • Paypabak Writer 15:32 on 25/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bravo! I love it. Every single resident is a creator as you say: we write a story with our avatars! MU has been such a perfect project because it included avatars as part of creativity, not just the finished products but the people who are processes in a journey of creativity.

    • Elle 18:34 on 27/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Enjoyable machinima, Wendz. I really liked the MU shots, especially at Trilby’s mill. I agree on the creativity.

  • Pearl Grey 17:31 on 24/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

    Tai Chi Mastery 

    Tai Chi Mastery Certificate

    Thanks to everyone who participated in practicing silent (and not so silent) tai chi at the Vashti 2 dojo. I know that some of you practiced at other times that were more convenient for you. The scheduled practice is well documented on the Flickr MU Documentation group. A special thanks to Izzy who made it possible for us to create this calm retreat.

    MU was about collaboration, not competition, and every contribution was valuable. That being said, I’d like to acknowledge Elle Thorkveld for her recognition that taking care of our bodies, spirits and minds with various practices is important. Even though she was prolific in her expressions of creativity and participation, she also made time to diligently practice the art of tai chi at MU.

    And that is why this fun little certificate of tai chi mastery.

    • Paypabak Writer 17:40 on 24/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bravo, Elle! Thanks for recognizing Elle, Pearl!

    • Neeva 23:59 on 24/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      I thought that quiet space added so much to the campus. Thanks so much Elle and Pearl. ❤️

    • Elle 14:59 on 25/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Paypabak and Neeva for your kind words. Thank you so much Pearl, for the lovely certificate and for being the dojo master and participating diligently yourself! I’m going to miss the tai chi dojo.

      • Paypabak Writer 20:10 on 25/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

        I have a spot of land, very austere and quiet that I could set up for a Tai Chi Dojo once MU is gone. For MU alumni. What do you think?

        • Elle 23:34 on 25/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

          Paypabak, that’s a really nice offer! I’d be interested, let’s see if anyone else would be.

  • Newton 17:19 on 22/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

    Women made most of the oldest… 



    “Women made most of the oldest-known cave art paintings, suggests a new analysis of ancient handprints. Most scholars had assumed these ancient artists were predominantly men, so the finding overturns decades of archaeological dogma.”

    Read more…

  • AlexandreLois1 06:37 on 21/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Prediction of MU 

    Prediction of MU

    I am a major predictor of a clairvoyant (the prophet). MU go down in history. Because the people of the Second Life
    1. The very unselfish
    2 is a pioneer in the virtual world.
    3. They live in another dimension.
    4. Do not ordinary people.

    And in the second Life leader in terms of history MU
    The MU leaders in terms of history Izzy, Veyot, Elle



    • Elle 15:17 on 21/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Alex!

      I agree that MU is a pioneer in the virtual world. Izzy had a wonderful idea and vision. It’s kind of you to include me. Love the glitchy image. 🙂

    • Paypabak Writer 02:04 on 22/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bravo, Izzy and the team that rose up to help her make SL history with Medici University. What an amazing 6 months it’s been!

  • wendz tempest 20:20 on 20/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Hi everyone 🙂 This year went by quicker than quick oats on a cold sunday morning! and I don’t like oats :/
    Although I wasn’t able to come to many of the social events at MU, I did come often to work on my blog, usually in the dead of night.

    This year, I applied to showcase a resident exhibit at SLB12 and was approved! The exhibit is called The Rooms of My Heart, and is a culmination of experiences, thoughts, and dreams that have helped me on the journey to self discovery in both worlds.


    This is experience also happens to be my final project (of a sort) for MU as I have compiled many past works (short stories, poetry) onto one central page on my blog, including visuals (the exhibit itself).

    I’m more of a lurker than anything, but I have been paying attention 😉 Class of 2015, you rock!

    Hope you all have a terrific summer and if you’re in the neighborhood I’d love to see you at the exhibit!


    • Elle 19:39 on 22/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Wendz,

      Your project looks very interesting. Congratulations on your SL12B exhibit!

    • rmarie 16:05 on 23/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Would anyone like to go on an evening SLT field trip to this, tonight (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday)? I will be on at about 7pm SLT. I will post in group.

  • Myra 00:43 on 20/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Spreading the Love and my Art (If you want it.).

    I owe a lot to my MU experience. All the people I’ve met here and everything I’ve learned has made my time at MU personally transformational.

    Sooo… I’d like to give something back to everyone. If anyone wants a work of my art, please contact me in-world, let me know which one you’d like, and I’ll put it on one of Emma’s canvases for you.

    You can browse my work on my flickr feed. It’s all been done since I started at MU. I think some of it is nice. I’m clearly still learning, though.

    Portrait of Gerty

    This has been a truly amazing experience for me.

    I love you all. Thank you.


    • Elle 04:05 on 20/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Myra, thank you for your most generous offer! I’m taking you up on that, your work is lovely. If we’d had more time I would have loved to see a photography exhibit will all the many talented photogs we have here.

      Like you, I feel I owe a lot to MU, I’ve grown in my skill & confidence, willingness to try new things and met so many wonderful people & gifted artists.

      Thank you for all you do, in your art, DJ’ing, curating and wonderful MU attitude.

      Love to you,

  • Edie 17:34 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Non-Update Update

    Hi guys! I’ve heard some of you have been wondering about my LEA Round 9 “Art Farm Co-op” proposal. The LEA has not announced the recipients yet. They should be doing so very soon.

    Here’s what I proposed:

  • Izzy 17:10 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Weekend Off

    Hello All! I’ll be off-campus Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon. I’ll be back on Tuesday. If you need help with anything you might try Oona, Myra, or Chaplain Beedit. They should be able to eject griefers, return stray prims dropped on your studio, or offer any advice or counseling you might need.

    In the unlikely event that anything cataclysmic happens and you need higher powers, don’t hesitate to contact someone from the LEA Committee. 2 good choices would be Solo Mornington or Patricia Anne Daviau.

    See you Tuesday!

  • Oona 23:17 on 18/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Its Getting Hot In Here 


    This being the last few weeks of us all being together, I know people are pulling back a little doing their own thing.  A post posted to MU Talk made recently, upset me more than a little.  It felt stabby.  I don’t think there’s a need for that.  I’m sure the person was having an off day, as we all do.

    That being said.  I think that all of us as a family can agree, we need to lift each other up as artists, instead of maybe pulling each other down.  We may not all get along or agree with each other but as Izzy has said before – treat others as you’d like to be treated.

    Hugs to those that were hurt in this whole thing and healing pixie dust sprinkles and success to us all for the future.

    xo Oona

    • Myra 23:24 on 18/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you, Oona. Beautifully worded.

      Let’s try to spread love, first. We’re here to help each other, make art, together, and learn from each other.

      Here’s a little love – <3. Hope it helps.

    • Elle 01:33 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Agree! Well said, Oona and Myra.

    • Paypabak Writer 03:05 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      I am sorry to the MU community for the flames. I wasn’t thinking clearly or I would have been able to drop the inappropriate post sooner. (I finally realized I needed to go to my WP dashboard.)

      The post itself contained words of gratitude to the community at large and were lost because of the “stabbiness” of the front portion. The pixie dust sprinkles are appreciated.

      • Oona 07:29 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Myra, Elle and Paypabak. 🙂

      • Elle 14:37 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Paypabak.

    • Izzy 16:45 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hi all! Thanks for sorting this out. Sorry, apologies, and sprinkles of love to all sides.

      I don’t know everything that was said, but as best as I can understand it, I think what it really comes down to is MU being a large and diverse community.

      We do have communication. But we don’t have any way to tell everybody everything. And given the number of people and activities, perhaps that’s impossible. When I have classes of 125 RL students, or even in classes of 25 RL students, it’s very hard to have everyone know everything.

      So, yes, maybe if person A had come to Crit Class and learned about or discussed a given project, or if person B had discussed their vision on MU/Talk, or etc, etc.

      In the end there are just really a lot of us with different projects, different temperaments, different ideologies, different aesthetics, and different goals. I honestly don’t know of a single person in the whole run of MU who has been a “bad actor.” Everyone I think has acted in good faith. Still, we’ve had our share of conflicts.

      Before this event even started there was a months long sequence where person D drove person C away, and then later person E drove person D away, and then later person E just decided to leave. We’ve had many issues over intellectual property: Person F taking a picture of something on campus and blogging it, and then person G demanding that it be taken down, or person H posting a class transcript and then person I demanding that that be taken down.

      One thing I have concluded is that in any future campus we’d have to have an IP policy that lets everyone be clear about what can and cannot be posted and what does and does not need permission.

      As for the case at hand, I don’t see any party as “wrong” or “mean spirited”. I think it’s the diversity of our community and the fact that we can’t all spend 24/7 on campus knowing the details and depth of what everyone else is up to. A while back we had a vaguely similar situation where person J said that newcommer K was some kind of griefer and I should eject them, only to tell me days later that that was a mistake and K was actually a great artist.

      More communication is a partial answer. We can’t always talk to everyone. We keep very different clocks. But as much as possible, maybe we should ask more questions when we see, hear, or read about someone’s project or opinion. In a way that’s is what happened here. So it’s almost all good. Except people were hurt along the way. Maybe we should try to ask more questions. Not judgmental questions, but inquisitive questions. Maybe I just don’t understand your vision. Maybe you just don’t realize there’s an easier and cheaper way to do it. Maybe I don’t understand that easy and cheap isn’t your vision. And so on.

      My thanks to all for sorting it out. My apologies to all for the stress along the way. It’s been a long and wonderful semester. For sure there have been mistakes, stress, hurt feelings, and people have left campus. My hope is that while it’s been an imperfect semester, that in balance, we’ve done more good than harm. That we’ve lifted up more people than those who have been hurt.

      Happy Solstice!
      Happy Father’s Day!
      Happy last week-and-a-half of Spring semester!

      Thank you everyone for being a part of the MU community!



      • Paypabak Writer 21:51 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

        I confess, MU grew so much and had so much going on that I could not cover everything as well as I had hoped when I took on the role of Blogger-in-Residence. So perhaps I missed an earlier presentation. I did not cite a source of information (it’s there on my Tumblr now) that may have made my skeptical perspective more understandable and less “stabby.” Hey, horsies! come back to the barn!

        I’m still learning the trade and appreciate all the support I’ve received. I did not want to make everyone uncomfortable and so I apologize again for that.

        MU has been an incredible experience. You really can’t expect there to be no misunderstandings and some hurt feelings with so many people involved. We are all passionate about what we do with the precious time we spend away from our primary lives. I salute those who made this possible and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Vanessa 01:46 on 15/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Micol Hebron Facebook 

    aww, look, Izzy’s big-screen TV is Micol’s Facebook cover image! 🙂

    Screen Cap of Micol Hebron's facebook page

    • Newton 03:05 on 19/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      This was really good, thank you Vanessa. Just listening to Micol speaking about all of the things she has done and is thinking about was transporting. She has great energy and the film festival series followed by her talk was a really solid learning experience. Moments like this really make MU what it is. Looking forward to seeing what Micol does in SL too. All the best, Newton

      • Vanessa 19:45 on 05/07/2015 Permalink | Reply

        Hey Newton, thanks so much! It was great to have her visit campus! And your own contributions to MU were also transporting! Cafe Sophistry was a visionary and beautifully executed series of investigations and collaborations!

  • Vanessa 23:00 on 14/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Pix of today’s Visiting Artist talk by Micol Hebron:


  • Myra 08:53 on 12/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    MU Machinima on youtube?

    I’ve found a way to get videos to play from youtube without them kicking over to some random next video.


    Using this method, we could start a MU youtube channel, upload our videos to it, and have them cycle through a stand sl media player.

    Have we considered this? Is there a MU youtube channel out there, already?

    I can still play videos from other urls, such as vimeo, if you don’t want to upload to youtube. It just occurred to me a youtube channel might be worthwhile.

    • Myra 09:10 on 12/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve added Alex’s video in Veyot’s post, below, to the media player in MUGA.

    • Elle 16:42 on 12/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Myra,

      No idea if there is an MU channel. Thank you for posting what you found out about the youtube playlists, I’m going to try it out! Maybe it would be easier to just set up an MU playlist? I believe you can add other people’s videos to one.

  • Emma 16:16 on 10/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

    Yesterday its was tuesday.. In the end nobody brought icecream but some did show up n swimwear. I forgot to take pictures but i had a lot of fun. For if you like music and weren’t around.. here’s what you missed:

    RoofTop Tuesday 09062015 007 by Emma Maybe on Mixcloud

  • Myra 20:32 on 09/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Generatives, glitch, and gifs MUGA opening 

    The Generatives, glitch, and gifs opening was held on Friday, June 5th. It was a nice event and there was a good turnout. The artists talked about their work and it was an opportunity for others on the campus and off to meet them.

    Thank you everyone who helped with this event, loaned their work to the aspiring gallery, and attended this event. A special thanks to the artists – Pearl Grey, FeelsEmpty, Elle Thorkveld, and Michael Green – and to Oona for building the gallery.

    The show will run through June 15. Please stop by if you haven’t had a chance to see the show. After that, I’ll try to do one last show, probably machinima.

    Here are some pics from the event:


    Artists and attendees at the opening.

    Artists and attendees at the opening.

    Stepping on Feels' art

    Stepping on Feels’ art. It glitches!

    Trilby at the opening

    Trilby at the opening


    FeelsEmpty at the opening

    • Oona 20:50 on 09/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great article Myra 🙂 The show was a great success I think. I’ll be sad when June ends, I love MUGA a lot.

    • Elle 16:04 on 10/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great write up & love the pics, Myra. It was a fun opening, thanks to my fellow artists and all who attended for making it that way! And thank you to Myra for curating & facilitating this exhibit and to Oona for all her gallery building. Excellent work.

    • Paypabak Writer 19:21 on 10/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      I recall participating on one of Feels Empty’s Step Art creations. Fun! Great exhibit.

    • Myra 06:37 on 11/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      thanks so much, everyone. It’s official, now. I want your movies. We’ll figure out how to upload and host them.

    • rmarie beedit 22:37 on 14/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great work Myra – congratulations on a strong gallery show. And congrats to all participants! Making MU vibrant…

    • Myra 21:12 on 16/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you so much, Marie. So many people made this happen – Elle, Feels, Oona, Michael, Pearl. I was thrilled it turned out as well as it did.

  • AlexandreLois1 17:37 on 07/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    The story created by artificial intellect Baby (The Megatron series). 

    The story created by artificial intellect Baby (The Megatron series). ‘We need to hire a barrister (a lawyer in England. – Editor’s note). This will be repaid. And it’s necessary to hem sepulchral urn with a rim. The man to be buried was a prisoner of war.’ – A man in a fez took a roll and was silent for a while. Then a man came in and said ‘Ave’ (A greeting in Latin. – Editor’s note). He was devoted to a knighthood. ‘Hurry up to convert a sen (a small coin an Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia) into a pound’. Just then a saw was launched and everything was deafened with a sibilant sound. ‘Is this field yours, python?’ – he offended, enjoyed a price, that would be offered to him. ‘I offer my price for all quantity’ ‘Hush!!!’ – A man with a high forehead began to brake everything. ‘I offer ECU’. Formerly this high-foreheaded man was a salesman of eyeshadows, lime, saxophones, cinchona. And one need to compete with him. That was a cushy job, just a piece of cake. The ides (the middle of a month in the ancient Roman’s calendar: the 15th day of a March, May, July and Oktober, the 13th day of other months) – (As the editor understood – the story’s date, placed by Baby).

  • Paypabak Writer 03:08 on 07/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    I’ve been posing naked!


  • Emma 22:17 on 05/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    BAOC awarded to Muse 

    Hmm.. so it’s friday.. right? Last friday i came back from my stay elsewhere and went for a ‘just quick look for a little while’ Those quick little while’s never happen tho but that aside. Felt very warmly welcomed by a lot of mu people. Its amazing how MU keeps changing and developing, like a living creature. If you look around after 7 weeks not seeing with your own eyes it’s very notable.
    Just when i was going to sleep Izzy put on a song on her screen from an artist who will remain nameless for now , and of course i had had had to go look 9___9.. after some dancing she rendered me speechless by saying BAOC and trowing the classical primcube trophy on the floor for me to take.
    While i’m honored and kinda proud in this weird way i actually thought for a sec about not taking it. Since the start of MU there have been some many thing going on, so many people doing all these cool and mindtickling things.. its almost unfair to pick one out. But at the same time the only reason i took it is because the privilege of receiving this BOAC thing is you get to choose someone to give it to.. well and leaving your mark on that primcube, less important but also fun do.. Kinda checked immediately if the person that i thought of didn’t already got it.. and no yet, so my luck 🙂

    In rl i enjoy quotes from people.. it’s full of things for me to think about. In SL i like mesh, light, details, machine things, power chords, whatevers.. Combined made me make a neon lettered quote on the trophy which i’m fond of and in a way applies to a lot what is happening on MU.

    Art is anything you can get away with.
    ~Marshall McLuhan

    I will pass it on to someone who started a while in after MU’s start, her studio being across the street of mine. At the beginning a lot of the time when i was at my place, i saw her standing being busy or muttering around a bit. Also waving back for a friendly chitchat when i or people wandered by. After some time i began to see her at almost every class i went, diligently participating and seeing more and more of things she seemed to have taken in back in her work. When returning after my 7 weeks staring at MU’s site and flickr, where she adds quite an amount of pictures, i suddenly saw this huge leap, even in appearance.

    So dear muse. i’m giving this week’s BAOC to you. Its because i think you took the opportunity that MU gives.. or maybe even grabbed with both hands and try to learn everything what you found to be interesting. I heard you saying sometimes you weren’t always happy with the results but i noticed that didn’t got you down, kept going on trying to improve yourself for the better. Yesterday even.. when i half uninspired lazy asked if you were going to critics class, you cheerfully said ‘of course.. i go every week’ which did made me decide to come too. You had to show something too. A painting you made after a class assignment that you felt had some restrictions so you made another just because.. you really seem to enjoy yourself and do things out of your own for yourself. You are open about what you’re doing, what you are learning or have learned, sometimes even vulnerable, which i admire immensely. You inspire me to keep enjoying learning, school myself and ‘keep doing’ as you said yourself so very strikingly.
    I think you can be very proud of yourself for the sweet and earnest MU student you are, i am and very happy to congratulate you for being this week’s BAOC.


    • Oona 22:22 on 05/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great article Emma. Congratulations Muse!

      And i love this: Art is anything you can get away with.
      ~Marshall McLuhan

    • muse 22:26 on 05/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      i am honored and humbled . i cant say much else im a lil teary thank you emma for giving this to me . the one thing ive learned is just keep doing . i try to post a photo or two a day it helps to make me better find what tools work best . i just wow ty again.

    • Elle 22:35 on 05/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Congratulations, Muse! I love your “just keep doing” attitude.

    • Myra 23:26 on 05/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Gratz, Muse. You so deserve it.

    • Neeva 21:29 on 11/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, wow, this is great! congratulations muse! I have loved seeing you grow as an artist. You have inspired and delighted me with your art and your warm and friendly personality.

  • Vanessa 17:07 on 05/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Micol Hebron, visiting artist, Sunday 14 June ’15 

    Poster for Micol Hebron talk at Medici University


    Micol Hebron
    Medici University Visiting Artist
    Sunday 14 June ’15
    Noon California / 8pm London / 3am Monday Hong Kong
    Medici University / LEA23 / Collaborateopolis / Maria-5
    + live stream: twitch.tv/vaneeesab

    Film Festival

    Monday 8 June, 7pm PDT(SLT)
    Autobiography, 2 min
    • I love You I hate You, 4 min
    • Final Fantasy, 15 min
    • Memorial, 23 min

    Wednesday 10 June, 7pm PDT (SLT)
    Artist Statement, 4 min
    Book Drag, 1 min
    Advice to Recent MFA’s, 17 min
    Helping Hand, 6 min
    Dare You, 10 min
    Dare You 2, 9 min
    Plus: Launch Event for The Official Michael Green v6.0’s Kickstarter Campaign!

    Friday 12 June, 7pm PDT (SLT)
    Who are you?, 58 min

    Saturday 13 June, 7pm PDT (SLT)
    Gallery Tally, 7 min
    Hebron Rolecall, 11 min
    Angry Feminist, 3 min
    TnA, 10 min
    Fontbron, 11 min

  • Myra 10:42 on 04/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Ziki Questi and the Turing Test

    zikinude - Copy

    A new, hopefully interesting article in MU/Creativity about MU’s own photographer, Ziki Questi and how she challenges our ideas of what is real. As a bonus, there’s even a link to Alan Turing’s original paper proposing his famous test.

  • veyot 17:51 on 01/06/2015 Permalink | Reply  

    AlexLois gave a concert at Medici on Sunday. Apmel wrote about it and made a video,
    And I made a video too. Neither of us was ready with our camera fast enough. We missed the first two spectacular effects, a flying pegasus, and blue letters falling from the sky.

  • Izzy 17:16 on 01/06/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    New Prim Limits!

    Happy June everyone! We’ve got 1 month left at LEA23 and I’m happy to report that we’re in great shape with prims.

    When we started the per studio prim limit was 150-ish. About a month ago I raised it to 200-ish. The new prim limit for our final month at LEA23 is that there is no prim limit!


    • Try a crazy new sculpture!
    • Rez another fancy chair!
    • Put out the jacuzzi and hang out w classmates!


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