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  • Pearl Grey 20:37 on 14/05/2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Blogged: Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Wanderlust Cafe 

    Some photos and info about the Wanderlust Bench Art Park which is still less than a month old.  You’re invited to visit and to participate with your work too.


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    Generatives, glitch, and gifs MUGA opening 

    The Generatives, glitch, and gifs opening was held on Friday, June 5th. It was a nice event and there was a good turnout. The artists talked about their work and it was an opportunity for others on the campus and off to meet them.

    Thank you everyone who helped with this event, loaned their work to the aspiring gallery, and attended this event. A special thanks to the artists – Pearl Grey, FeelsEmpty, Elle Thorkveld, and Michael Green – and to Oona for building the gallery.

    The show will run through June 15. Please stop by if you haven’t had a chance to see the show. After that, I’ll try to do one last show, probably machinima.

    Here are some pics from the event:


    Artists and attendees at the opening.

    Artists and attendees at the opening.

    Stepping on Feels' art

    Stepping on Feels’ art. It glitches!

    Trilby at the opening

    Trilby at the opening


    FeelsEmpty at the opening

    • Oona 20:50 on 09/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great article Myra 🙂 The show was a great success I think. I’ll be sad when June ends, I love MUGA a lot.

    • Elle 16:04 on 10/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great write up & love the pics, Myra. It was a fun opening, thanks to my fellow artists and all who attended for making it that way! And thank you to Myra for curating & facilitating this exhibit and to Oona for all her gallery building. Excellent work.

    • Paypabak Writer 19:21 on 10/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      I recall participating on one of Feels Empty’s Step Art creations. Fun! Great exhibit.

    • Myra 06:37 on 11/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      thanks so much, everyone. It’s official, now. I want your movies. We’ll figure out how to upload and host them.

    • rmarie beedit 22:37 on 14/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great work Myra – congratulations on a strong gallery show. And congrats to all participants! Making MU vibrant…

    • Myra 21:12 on 16/06/2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you so much, Marie. So many people made this happen – Elle, Feels, Oona, Michael, Pearl. I was thrilled it turned out as well as it did.

  • Vanessa 08:20 on 13/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

    About 2015 

    Dear Blueberries & Mixed Berries,

    Happy Holidays!


    The MOOC that launched our 3 websites: .Re/act, .Re/search, and .Re/cipes plus our Slack chat space, Practice Based Research in the Arts, from Leslie Hill & Helen Paris at Stanford / NovoEd, ran from 9 Oct – 11 Dec 2013. At it’s end the Blueberry group decided to continue with once-a-month Google Hangouts. A few of us drifted off, others joined in, and Ciara rechristened our group Mixed Berry Shake.
    (More …)

    • xtaforster 12:16 on 13/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Vanessa, Thanks for getting the conversation started. I’m thinking about it, mulling it over while I eat my lunch here in Houston, and I will post more shortly. However, I heard that you have a performance this weekend in Virtual London, and I’m wondering where I can read more about THAT! LMK. (I couldn’t find info easily about it on your blog). TTYL. xta

    • Michael J Masucci 16:23 on 13/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I think that continuing the monthly meetups is a good idea, even though the attendence is sporatic, and people understandably come and go.

      In time, I hope that more on-going collaboratibve teams are formed from within the group, and that a number of single project collaborations are tried as well.

      It’s been a great learning experience for me to meet you all, and the few things that we’ve done together, like ONE Night and the LACMA proposal have shown me the way to even better such collaborations in the future.

      But I also understand how precious time is fro everyone, and that some may not see the same benefits I’ve seen. So perhaps a number of options, allowing to some to keep meeting regulatly, others to come and go as thier time and interests dictate and others to simply float away is a way to go.

      For 2015, my New Year’s resolution will be to go back and writing regular short essays for PBR and to look to find more ways for us to collaboarte from our differnt regions. I think there is something important going on here, even if it is still after one years, in its infancy. I hope that together we can find a way to make it grow.

      And I do think another LACMA proposal is a good idea.

      • Vanessa Blaylock 18:55 on 25/11/2014 Permalink | Reply


        I know artists who believe that teaching is an unwise distraction from their work. That artists should focus on production, make, show, and sell work, and earn enough to support yourself.

        I know artists who believe that sales are corrupting and that your career is better served by having an income from an activity like teaching, and they your art work isn’t beholden to some revenue stream.

        For sure both choices have legitimacy. Personally, I favor Choice #2.


        In thinking about all the great work, ideas and charisma in Mixed Berries, to say nothing of our many amazing PB-RITA classmates

        I wonder if seeking funding for our work might not be the Magic Dust, the Glue, the Catalyst, we need. Christa has written about the power of deadlines, and getting someone somewhere to believe in your creativity enough to fund it can also be challenging and valuable.

        In a busy world we’re all challenged with focus and priorities. Collaborating on funded projects might give both internal and external legitimacy to our work. It might give us a chance to bring more of our PB-RITA classmates in on projects.

        Michael has the LACMA Art+Technology grant proposal, and Christa’s threatening to look some up in the next week. What if we tried to identify a slate of 6 grants to apply for in 2015? And let that work, applying and hopefully executing these projects, be the focus of our Hangouts?

        Michael’s multi-city interaction projects seem idea in some ways. And Rebecca’s City project seems like it or aspects of it could fit with some of Michael’s ideas.

        Funding might be the cohesive core around which our hangouts could develop more focus around specific projects. Michael and Andrea have talked about the bias of Art History. Getting institutional validation would help to move our ideas and work a little closer to official narratives.

        What do you think?
        Do you know about any funding opportunities we might apply for?

    • xtaforster 17:56 on 13/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I agree that meeting monthly and continuing to pursue ways to collaborate is a valuable practice in and of itself. I was thinking that perhaps a group of us could commit to individually writing something for a future issue of MOOC magazine, and we could give ourselves a specific deadline (I love deadlines, as you all know) to make this happen.

      Van do you have any content on your mind that you’d like written for a current or future issue? If not, then perhaps we could brainstorm for a theme that we could all write toward.

      I also want to continue to add content to our websites and keep in touch and share resources through slack chat. Furthermore, in addition to LACMA, we might be able to search for some other RFPs and work with deadlines to try and come together around an idea for (potentially) funded projects.

      Over thanksgiving break, I’ll do a bit of research for some other RFPs so that I have something to share at our holiday party on the 8th.

      Thanks a million to Vanessa for keeping us going and organized and motivated. I suspect she’s got lots of other projects that are driving her harder than this one, and I really do appreciate the energy she continues to share with us. Furthermore, I really want to hear more about her Avatar Field Guide — what IS the difference between the avatar classifications — af̱toportréta and fo̱tográfos móda and fo̱tográfos koultoúra? I looked at a couple of the different examples, and I am too uneducated to discern the differences at this point. I want to learn more. Is the performance in Virtual London related to this project? How can we attend?

      xoxoxoxo xta

      • Vanessa Blaylock 18:02 on 14/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Xta! Actually “Vaneeesacam!” is a different project from “Avatar Field Guide”. You can attend “in person” by having Ysidora login to SL and hangout… or you can watch live at

        The scoop is here:

        BTW Michael, this broadcast formula I finally came up with using XSplit Gamecaster to feed 1080p HD video to the Twitch.tv streaming service looks pretty good. If we ever did something like ONE Night again, it might be a nice way for you to project HD video without having to have a “cameraperson” (logged in, in-world user) on site.

    • Rebecca Longworth 15:13 on 20/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I’m torn — I definitely would like to keep our chats and our contact going. It often seems that the chats are a little too short, so longer hangouts less often might be nice… on the other hand, I know that the fact that they’re monthly has made it easier for me to join when I can.

      Perhaps it would help to keep the one-hour every-month schedule, but to hold ourselves to a schedule within the hour. For example, we could spend 10 minutes per topic, or give each participant the floor for a set time to let us know what they’re up to, and for others to ask questions. One of those timeslots could be free-form conversation; and those who are available can always stay past the hour mark to chat further. It might sound very formal, but a time pressure also might help us each think of what we most want to impart to the group, and ask questions of each other.

      In other news, I’ve started a dedicated site for my project, City Creature:
      http://www.citycreature.wordpress.com. And I’m looking at word-cloud software to help display/interpret the answers to my questionnaire. Let me know if you have suggestions! Fun times.


    • Ciara Finnegan 04:55 on 24/11/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve really enjoyed the dialogue and interactions .re/act has supported over the past year and, while the Hangouts do present a challenge in terms of scheduling, I believe they also add value to our exchanges. I quite like Rebecca’s suggestion that we occupy 10 minute slots during a hangout and think that structuring the format in this way is worth experimenting with in 2015.

      Vanessa, thank you for all the work you’ve put into creating this space and for your generosity toward the group. I mentioned to Michael that I affectionately refer to the Berries as my “semi-imaginary” friends:-) – thank you all for keeping the energy flowing this year – being involved has meant a lot to me. I also think that Michael and Kate have been instrumental in bringing others to the conversation and in orchestrating (directly and indirectly) meetings in Real Life. For this I am hugely grateful.

      I’m looking forward to the December 8th party!! Have been practising my disco moves;-) Or maybe it’ll be more Mardi Gras…where’s that feather boa I started off with????

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    Rocktober Hangout 

    Hatsune Miku & Pharrell Williams dancing

    Lets Hangout!

    Even if we’re not quite as cool as Hatsune Miku hanging out with her pals like Pharrell Williams & Lady Gaga, a Mixed Berry Shake is still a pretty great way to spend the 2nd Monday of the month. Please join us for another inspiring global conversation!
    (More …)

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    Activity No.9 – Avatar Hangout 

    Avatars standing in a clearing outside the meeting hut on Kimika Ying's "Sister Planet" on LEA29

    It was supposed to be an hour-long “Avatar Hangout” but it turned into a day-long “Open House!” 😛

    In the end 21 avatars came by to visit, see friends, and view Kimika Ying’s LEA29 installation Sister Planet
    (More …)

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    I’m Your Venus! 

    Need more “Venus” motivation for today’s Avatar Hangout? Here it is!
    (More …)

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    Prospect (Kickstarter Film) 

    I’m not quite sure if Zeek Earl, Chris Caldwell & Brice Budke shot Prospect on Kimika Ying’s Sister Planet or not, but they’re both beautiful yet not quite hospitable worlds. I thought Prospect might be a nice short film to inspire our Avatar Hangout tomorrow morning. Oh, and the film was funded by 338 backers on Kickstarter – awesomesauce!

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    Hangout on Venus this Saturday! 

    the words "avatar hangouts" in black and red typography using the Burbank font from House Industries set in wide and bold

    Postcard of Vanessa Blaylock standing inside a mobile Venus rover as she waits out a Venutian rainstorm. The image had a black border and an Ada Lovelace postage stamp.

    Avatar Hangout at Kimika Ying’s Sister Planet this Saturday, 9a California / 5p London.

    Meetup! Hangout!

    Old Friends! New Friends!

    A dance place without the dancing. But you can dance if you want to.
    A philosophy discussion group without the philosophy. But you can talk philosophy if you want to.
    (More …)

    • scarlett L 14:44 on 13/09/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Vanessa- if i dont make it its not that i didnt want to i had to bring son to hospital rl for eye problem…i would love to come at another one though!

      • Vanessa Blaylock 15:16 on 13/09/2014 Permalink | Reply

        OMG Scar! So sorry to hear. Hope everything works out ok. Avatar Hangouts are the 2nd Saturday of every month, so there’s always another one. Buy your son some ice cream for me.

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    DragonCon VR Edition! 

    photo of Izzy Medici standing in front of Izzy's Gym and holding an "I Have a Right to a Secret Identity" sign

    EFF, io9, The Harry Potter Alliance, Southeastern Browncoats, The Baker Street Babes, Wattpad, & The Organization for Transformative Works all supported Project Secret Identity at DragonCon this weekend! They took photos on site, and VBCO participated remotely via a VR March on Saturday 30 August. We all had a lot of fun and made at least a small statement about basic human rights here in the 21st century.
    (More …)

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    the words "DragonCon" set in bold typorgraphy. "Dragon" in red and "Con" in black.

    Project Secret Identity

    Exciting News! EFF, io9, The Harry Potter Alliance, Southeastern Browncoats, The Baker Street Babes, Wattpad, & The Organization for Transformative Works are all supporting Project Secret Identity at DragonCon this weekend! If you’re there at Dragon Con in Atlanta, 29 August – 1 September, you can visit photo stations at the convention: EFF (Second floor at the Hilton) or Southeastern Browncoats (Table #1000 at AmericasMart).

    VBCO Invites You 2 March!

    For those of us who aren’t we can take our own pix and add them to the Project Secret Identity website. And for those who like to march, we can get together at 10am SLT on Saturday 30 August to carry our signs, march, and take pix. We’ll provide signs, or you can use our sign with pose and apply your own slogan (texture)
    (More …)

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    Avatar Hangouts! 

    the words "avatar hangouts" in black and red typography using the Burbank font from House Industries set in wide and bold

    illustrations of avatars / dolls in a group

    Photo: Bloom Girls by Thelma Felix.

    Meetup! Hangout!

    Kind of like Google Video Hangouts. But since you’re already in-world, you don’t actually need “Google Video.” Still, a great chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Kind of like a dance place without the dancing. But you can dance if you want to. Kind of like a philosophy discussion group without the philosophy. But you can talk philosophy if you want to.
    (More …)

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    No Hangout with Andrea 

    screen cap of Google Text Hangouts with Andrea Foenander and others

    Sadly we couldn’t get Andrea Foenander in our Google Video Hangout today. I tried to Text Hangout and it would let me 1-to-1 “hangout” with her, but it rejected her plus anyone else. IDK what the issue was. Perhaps a firewall at her university? I’ll try to “Hangout” with her from her Home/studio sometime and see if that was it.

    • Andrea Foenander 10:51 on 11/08/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Very disappointing to have missed today, my sincere apologies. I hope that I can rectify this before the next discussion. In the meantime I would like to send some info about the proposed event for September and invite all to participate in the discussion

      • Vanessa Blaylock 10:57 on 11/08/2014 Permalink | Reply

        So sorry we missed you today Andrea! Yes, perhaps we can work out the tech details on the Hangout.

        And YES, your “September Event” sounds intriguing… I’m eager to see how it goes!

        (maybe work on another name besides “September Event”? 😀

      • Vanessa Blaylock 14:07 on 11/08/2014 Permalink | Reply

        PS: I’m sure we’ll sort out the Google Hangout issue… but if all else fails, we do have a chat engine over on .Re/search:

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    Mixed Berry Shake hangouts 2014 

    typography of "Mixed Berry Shake" with the letters made out of different types of berries

    Hangouts 2014

    2nd Monday of the Month
    • Aug 11 – facilitator: Michael
    • Sep 8 – facilitator: Ciara
    • Oct 13 – facilitator: Hugh
    • Nov 10 – facilitator: Kate
    • Dec 8 – facilitator: Vanessa

    Nobody has to be a facilitator. Everybody is welcome to facilitate. You don’t have to do a lot, but you could pick a few topics and help juggle the hour.

    Open Timetable in Google Drive


    Raspberries Macro by Liz West
    Reward for work: Blueberries by @rsseattle
    Kiwi by Sergiu Bacioiu
    Berries by Matt Becker

    • Michael J Masuci 15:42 on 05/08/2014 Permalink | Reply

      I will be sending out some topic ideas very soon. A scholar in London is creating an online seminar event that I’d like to try to get the Bluberry Shakers involved in doing a collaboartion for. I’ll give details at the Aug. 11 Blueberry Shake hangout.

      See you all at the ‘shake’.

    • Christa Forster 17:54 on 05/08/2014 Permalink | Reply

  • Christa Forster 11:11 on 14/07/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Mixed Berry Shake Hangout (unofficial) Minutes 

    Photos from today’s Mixed Berry Shake Hangout.  In virtual attendance: Ciara Finnegan, Christa Forster, Michael Masucci, Kate Johnson, Vanessa Blaylock.Molly Ross and Rebecca Longworth chimed in by email but were not able to meet up with us today.

    Items discussed:
    (More …)

    • Ciara 02:38 on 15/07/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for posting the minutes, Christa. It’s really helpful to have this record of our meeting and the links are great too. I enjoyed the Ant Farm documentary trailer – it was interesting to hear Doug Michaels speak of how they arrived at the name Ant Farm – (though I think “Chip, Chuck and Doug” has a catchy ring to it too and happy associations of chipping away at an idea, chucking out the stuff that doesn’t work and er…Doug…hm…dug, past tense of dig and…eh…erm…well, okay, just Doug then!)

      I think I conveyed a slightly wrong impression about the name issue in our hangout – it was not so much the name itself that I struggled with (I’m fond of “The Berries”) but rather more that felt uncertain about the identity of the group to which the name refers. This only really became a problem for me when I tried to describe us in an email to Sher Doruff. I’d grown to think of us as a sort of online artist collective/artist-led initiative but I wasn’t quite sure if this was a view held by the other members. I didn’t feel entitled to make such assumptions about the identity of the group, particularly as I wasn’t “with the band” at the beginning 😉

      Anyway, I absolutely love Christa’s idea of doing an action or performance together that celebrates our commitment to the group, opens it to further participation and, in some way, serves as a little signatory act.

    • Vanessa Blaylock 16:01 on 15/07/2014 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so interesting that Christa & Ciara & Michael & Kate all seemed to be bring up ideas that I thought fit well together. I agree with all of it! Or at least whatever I thought the zeitgeist of it all was! 😀

      I’d love to move on these compelling ideas right away! However for myself, I think July & August are just too buried in other responsibilities. But you all certainly don’t have to wait for me! You can totally run with any of this in whatever form(s) make sense.

      • xtaforster 21:59 on 20/07/2014 Permalink | Reply

        I never thought I’d hear Vanessa say she was buried under too much work! She IS mortal, after all. xoxoxo

        Here’s a name I’ll throw out there — ARACHNET (did you remember my mentioning that spiders are my spirit animals?) Anyway…definitely has a stronger bite than berries. I do love the anti-oxidant connotations of berries, though.

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    Some Mixed Berries rolled into Los Angeles 

    and had a physical meet up. It happened today at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Michael Masucci, Kate Johnson and I — Christa Forster — lunched at the outdoor cafe and loitered in the “Becoming Los Angeles” exhibit.

    7/13/2014 Michael, Christa and Kate at the NHMLA

    Michael Masucci, Christa Forster, Kate Johnson, July 13, 2014, Los Angeles

    (More …)

  • Vanessa 14:27 on 10/06/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Time Zones 

    To help our global colleagues meetup at the same time, here’s a little conversion chart for a city near you!

    (More …)

    • Hugh 22:42 on 10/06/2014 Permalink | Reply

      That’s great thanks Vanessa. I am California +11 GMT+4

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    Christa and Hugh on Coursera: Understanding Research Methods 


    Hello. Just met up with the Mixed Berry Shake team for our June hangout, and Hugh and I (he showed up late Ciara!) promised to post here on .Re/act what we’re up to in a the six-week summer MOOC we’re undertaking: Understanding Research Methods via Coursera.

    Here is a link to the question Hugh is developing and some discussion around it: How do Arabian women artists view the status of women within the Middle East?
    (More …)

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    ## Mixed Berry Shake 4 June This Monday… 

    Mixed Berry Shake 4 June!

    This Monday, 9 June ’14
    9-10am California Time
    16:00 – 17:00 GMT

    Got a topic for discussion? Add it as a comment to this post and I’ll put it on the agenda!

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    Mixed Berry Shake – May 2014! 

    Nice hangout today with Christa, Ciara, Kate, Michael, Rebecca N., Hugh, and myself. More great topics than we had time for. Here’s a few snips from my typing in response to compelling ideas from the other participants:
    (More …)

    • Edie Sedgwick 23:11 on 13/05/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Rebecca! I know of 3 of the Kickstarter type funding sites. There’s no doubt plenty of others.


      As far as I know the oldest and sort of most established / respected of the platforms. You cannot fund things like “school,” but you can fund a specific project, so you could write that you need €4,000 to produce 1 or a series of dance pieces to be performed at various venues at various times. With Kickstarter it’s all or nothing. If you don’t make your goal nobody pays and you get no money. Their theory is that if you don’t have enough you can’t do the project and it’s not fair to the investors to have 1/2 a project.


      Similar to kickstarter with the big difference that you get the money even if you don’t make the goal. Some people think it’s flakier for that reason, but others who aren’t sure about their level of support like the flexibility.


      Different in that it IS for funding your activities like school. So it might be ideal for your situation. Although I do like the opportunity Kickstarter offers to focus on specific “deliverable” works. Some might be happy to help out with your school costs, but others might feel like more of an arts philanthropist if they know their money is helping to produce 6 new choreographic works presented in 3 cities in 2014 – 2015 and that for their contribution they’ll have access to exclusive video previews and video chats with you and some of your team. It seems like a nice “excuse” to build out your network of colleagues and audience members.

      Best wishes on your exciting project Rebecca!

    • Edie Sedgwick 08:16 on 14/05/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi guys, me again! I was just looking at all the cultural institutions tweeting come see our X, Y, Z… seems like they’re always trolling for F2F visitors. And I found myself tweeting:

      Which I think is kind of what Ciara was saying about .Re/act. It is interesting how many peeps instinctively use new media in the most simple, banal ways! Or perhaps by following Cultural Institutions instead of Individual Artists I’m making that more likely.

  • Vanessa 03:48 on 11/05/2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Hangout Agenda: 12 May 

    Monday 9-10am California Time / Noon-1pm New York / 18:00 – 19:00 CEST
    Facilitator: Rebecca L.

    1. .Re/act & Online Collaboration – Ciara

    2. Computer Love & Hacking the Timeline v3.0 – Michael, Kate

    3. Funding Art – Rebecca N.

    4. Photojournalism b. circa 1930, d. circa 2010 – Hugh

    5. Guerilla Drive-Ins – Hugh

    • Vanessa Blaylock 11:17 on 11/05/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Oh BTW, as previous Shakers know, and new ones will see, you might have to “Pin” me to read my typed blabbing. But it’s no fun to stare at meee the whole time! So just pin & unpin as you like. You can read for a minute, but then go back to letting Google Hangout direct the stream. As I understand it, if you don’t pin someone, then it switches to whichever participant is making the most noise, which is generally the person talking. (unless, of course, Xta’s hubby is typing loudly! 😀

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    12 May – Mixed Berry Shake – 9a EZT 

    Our next monthly hangout is Monday 12 May. Click the read more tag for agenda & full details!

    (More …)

    • Vanessa Blaylock 18:11 on 05/05/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi All! I noticed that in addition to hangouts we have salons, mixed reality events, etc going on. So I created a “Berry Shake” Google Calendar and added the 10 of us addressed on this message with Read & Write permissions. Hopefully GCal sends you an email about it… if not… LMK!

      Feel free to add anything relevant… whether it’s an event including several of us, or just your own solo activity. Hopefully a Google Calendar is the easiest way to do this, LMK if it isn’t. I thought about making another .Re site for the calender, but I .Re/sisted that temptation! I hope GCal will be easiest…

  • Vanessa 12:39 on 19/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

    Tera: virtual world field trip 

    5 avatars sit in a (monster encircled) pastoral clearing in the MMORPG of Tera

    Irony.Lee, Ravanel, Hazelaartje, Skygirl.Kline & Ulaval (me) during today’s field trip to the virtual world of Tera

    Field trip to the Virtual World of Tera today. I was very clueless. But it was a very fun space. And nice to go discover it with a group of friends.

  • Vanessa 07:45 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ## Mixed Berry Shake Here’s today’s agenda 1… 

    Mixed Berry Shake

    Here’s today’s agenda:

    1. Hello & catch up from everyone
    2. Kate Johnson – interests, ideas, current projects
    3. Hugh Mcelveen – interests, ideas, current projects
    4. Updates from Michael, Xta, Rebecca, Van
    5. Discuss LACMA Art+Technology Grants / Residencies
    6. What else?
    7. Ideas for May’s Shake

    * LACMA Grants
    * Mixed Berry Shake 2014 schedule
    * Van’s new Avatar Alphabet

    Add any other links / ideas in the comments!

    • Ciara 08:09 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Sounds delicious 😉 Thank you for the invitation to hangout. I’m really sorry that I can’t join in today. I hope you have a good meeting and I look forward to hearing how things go.

      • xtaforster 08:18 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Ahhh, Ciara, I was looking forward to your being there today. I hope you are able to join soon!

    • Rebecca 10:30 on 14/04/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi all! Links here to my very early google hangout experiments for the performance (http://foolsfury.org/fury/) that’s happening this weekend. The piece is called “The Seeing Place” and is a meditation on Antigone. For this round, we hadn’t created aliases and were all using our own google accounts, so sadly there are no character names attached.


      Is an example of a scripted scene; text is from Brecht’s Antigone interspersed with an interview of a contemporary U.S. soldier serving in Iraq. The idea here was to replace my big old headshot with footage (sans audio) of the Creon character giving his edict prohibiting the burial of Polynices.

      Creon Haemon 1-1

      and 2-1

      were both attempts at overlapping texts spontaneously… made very difficult by the audio & video delay on our various internet connections. These also include two observers: one listening in at a local Starbucks, and another roaming the main branch at the SF Public Library. We were interested in what the effect of non-verbal participants would be.

      The plan for the performance is to have one (very different) Google hangout that’s prerecorded as one of the scenes in the show, and another live hangout where audience members can see the Antigone character leave the theatre under guard. I will post a link to that Hangout-On-Air! Thanks Vanessa for that excellent suggestion.

      That’s very little context for you, but any thoughts or questions are welcome!

  • Izzy 17:38 on 17/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    So, St. Patrick’s Day is pretty much like Irish Carnivale, then? 

    Isabella Medici dancing the hula and wearing green accents for St Patrick's day


  • Vanessa 05:49 on 17/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Where’s the Green Beer? 

    Vanessa Blaylock walking on a treadmill at Izzy's Gym

    Vanessa Blaylock @ Izzy’s Gym

    You’ve got thirsty people here!

  • Izzy 16:25 on 16/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    St. Patrick’s Treadmill Pub Crawl 

    poster for St. Patrick's Day Treadmill Pub Crawl at Izzy's Gym

    St. Patrick’s Day Treadmill Pub Crawl!
    6-8pm EZT / PDT / SLT Monday 17 Mar ’14!
    9-11pm Eastern
    1-3am Tue GMT
    * Izzy’s Gym / SL

    green monochrome photoPhoto by Grufnik

    • Ciara 01:35 on 17/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Gosh, Isabella, you’ve set me thinking…I’ve neither seen nor heard from Donnie for weeks now. Do you think it is possible that he’s been in training for this event? Hmm…I wonder if Mr. Sweetman will march/crawl too. Wasn’t his brother was in the drinks trade?

      • Isabella Medici 05:40 on 17/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Oh yes, Donnie & Patrick. All they ever talk about is beer! And where are they today of all days!?!?

      • Ysidora Pico 20:14 on 18/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

        Donnie! I saw him last sitting on a bar, dreaming (was it?) of two spirits — Gin and Tonic?

        • Isabella Medici 20:26 on 18/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

          Are those spirits European? I have yet to encounter them. Perhaps those 2 are Yankee spirits?

  • Vanessa 06:17 on 13/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    What’s On [My] Mind – Live Hangout! 

    Live from Houston!

    • Christa Forster 13:38 on 13/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful! Thank you for this, Vanessa. I just posted in another place that my %#^& screen recording plan went awry because I FAILED TO TURN IT ON before the performance. I recorded every other thing — every rehearsal, whether formal or informal, making sure I had the technology down. Then, at the moment when it mattered, I failed!

      Hah! “Ruin is a great teacher….” Indeed.

      Also, Michael told me that the second performance was marred technologically by someone-who-shall-soon-be-clobbered’s unmuted microphone! (my husband’s).

      Hah! Again. Perhaps it was my male ancestors making their presence known.

      Here’s to you, Mistress of the Muted Microphone! Thanks for your support. It means a lot to me.


  • Vanessa 18:16 on 12/03/2014 Permalink | Reply

    Ysidora’s *What’s on My Mind* just started I’m… 

    Ysidora’s What’s on [My] Mind just started! I’m watching by Google Hangout with EZTV and the live performance in Houston.

    (I wonder if you can easily run a “real” camera (or cameras) into a Google Hangout. Haha, I’m so demanding! But anyway, if the camera could switch or move, that’d be a nice extra dimension.

    Anyway, Ysidora just started singing!! Something about living with a white girl…

  • Vanessa 04:05 on 11/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Outing the Meta-artist 

    In yesterday’s Blueberry Hangout we discussed Molly’s continuing work with Opal Whiteley, and Michael introduced the fascinating artist Shea Hembrey. Like Roberta Breitmore, The Watermelon Woman, Luther Blissett, and many others, these artists work with ideas of Identity & Authenticity, of Fact & Fiction.

    If you think about it, Rrose Selavy’s oeuvre isn’t all that amazing. She really only becomes interesting when you out that she’s “really” Marcel Duchamp. Oh isn’t that clever and insightful. Serbian artist Darko Maver created simulated horror and carnage of war installations. His pieces about war in the Balkans shocked and mesmerized audiences around the globe and even at the Venice Biennale. The twist was that he wasn’t a “real” artist presenting simulated (“fake”) war imagery; he was a “fake” artist presenting “real” war imagery. Maver’s work had already had a “real” and global impact, but the twist made it resonate more deeply (and also more artworld insiderly)

    Are alternate identities only, or most, interesting once outed, and therefor rendered somewhat “over” once the punchline has been sprung? Can, Should, and How Does, an alternate identity stand on its own?

  • Vanessa 17:53 on 10/03/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Blueberry Hangout, March 2014 

    Christa, Molly, Michael & I had our monthly Blueberry Hangout today. We were joined by Isabella Medici who’s recruiting faculty for Medici University.

    Everybody is so busy!


    Molly is doing several things with her Opal Whiteley project, links coming soon:

    Michael: OMG! The USC Libraries One Archive is ALL about EZTV!

    we unfortunately had some sort of connection mishap with Rebecca, but here’s her latest blog post:

    Katrina doesn’t love us anymore (just kidding!) but here’s the teaser for her exciting new solo show:


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