Mixed Berries September Hangout

Berry Good Fun


What a fine bunch of Mixed Berries turned up on Monday! Vanessa and Christa – you were both much missed but rest assured, you were very much a part of the conversation:-)

We had the pleasure of the company of Aimée de Jongh, Kate and Michael’s guest, currently artist-in-residence at EZTV. She’s a wonderful animator, comic artist and illustrator from the Netherlands.

Andrea also joined the meeting and, with fewer technical problems than last month, was able to watch, if not quite hear, the circus. Kate did a marvellous job of typing much of the conversation to help Andrea keep abreast of the madness and Oscar tweeted during the meeting.

So…what did  we talk about?

Taking cues from Michael’s paper: “History is the Art of Forgetting” we aired questions on the value of the “original” artwork, attempted to arrange the words: “art”, “history” and “forgetting ” in the correct order, intermittently wikipediaed (it is surely a verb?) stuff and mused upon otherness.

Andrea drew our attention to http://www.barbican.org.uk/digital-revolution and reminded us that the online seminar  she is chairing, Women in Digital Art: A Discussion, is open to participation until 15th September.

Hugh is currently writing a book chapter on art and science and welcomes online references to related projects and/or  specific artists/scientists.

Autumn is already showing fruits of her creative bounty, eh? Can’t wait to see what Berries the October harvest brings forth…