ONO OKOY – Applause!!

Hello band

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for participating and rocking out last night. It was for me at least a small dream come true to be part of a band… and a talented HOT one at that! Well done everyone! People in the audience commented on your moves and really interesting responses. People were fascinated. I think it helped with the credits at the end, as it contextualised second life and that you are all autonomous avatars. Otherwise some may have thought it was just a video.

There were some official photographers at the gallery who took photos and also the performance was filmed. As soon as they make the documentation available i will be sure to post it here for all to see and share!

All in all it worked well with not too many technical glitches my end. Thank you for involving me and making it it such a great experience. Vanessa, i hope we get to chat more about it.Today there will be a talk in the gallery at 3pm i will let you know how it goes.

Until then – ONO OKOY –


Flag Final Scaled, (here’s a banner that hung in the gallery, after orange smoke, and us singing and dancing!)