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Annah Leah

Annah Leah

I got a call from Annah Leah (Ananda Crystal) that her Studio Door Card had mysteriously disappeared! I made her a new one and while I was at her place, Aurelia:1 {MU-Isabella, 67, 234, 30} we had a chance to chat for a bit.

selenium toned photo of Annah Leah and Isabella Medici sitting at a table.
Annah Leah

Annah’s with MU’s massive School of Creative Writing. Annah’s a 15 year-old runaway (only in SL). She says,

Next to never saw my momma so have run away to find a place to belong and not be so lonely.

Not looking for parents! Going it alone.

I am only be 15 but I have an ancient soul that has seen more lifetimes than you can even imagine.

For someone so young, she’s set some ambitious writing goals for herself. Like all of us here at MU, Annah could probably use some support. Luckily for Annah, the Director of the School of Writing, Scarlett Luv has been working to organize the school and help the writers write and interact!

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