What Just Happened?!

I have no idea, but a lot of pants spontaneously went missing! If you missed out, apparently this phenomenon is being encouraged today, so go ahead and take casual Friday to the extreme!

Snapshot_133 Snapshot_137 Snapshot_140 Snapshot_145 Snapshot_146 Snapshot_152 Snapshot_156 Snapshot_081

Author: Art Oluja

I admire creative processes, appreciate optical illusions, respect others’ opinions, and love to learn.

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  1. Fantastic!

    It’s No Pants Friday all day today (or no-something-else if you already don’t wear pants) with the grand finale at NSANE’s KATYPERRYOPOLIS! show from 8-10pm SLT.

    My Sponge Bob boxer shorts can’t wait!

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  2. Love the pics Art it was fun!

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