No Hoops

Some people prefer the technical term “bullshit.” Whatever you call it, bureaucratic organizations tend to spend a lot of time telling you what to go do with your graduate experience. At Medici University we’re here to get out of the way. We’re here to empower you to create an alternative, deeply personalized program that gives […]

No Debt

Brick & mortar Universities saddle you with about USD 30,000 of debt / year of grad school. Sprawling campuses are expensive. Security. Landscaping. Faculty. Staff. At Medici University we eliminate almost all of it. We don’t charge fees because we don’t provide a behemoth infrastructure that you don’t need. Our job is to get out […]

No Requirements

At Medici University your program never comes down from above like tablets off a mountain. At MU the student is the ultimate judge of what their graduate program will and will not include. It’s not about our vision, it’s about helping you realize your vision.