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March MUses

March MUses

Is it just me, or has March in SL been mind-bogglingly artistic? Yes, mind-bogglingly is a word, I looked it up!

Here at LEA23’s  Medici University the creative vibe is electrifying the air, and there’s always something going on, collaborations and classes and lots of discussions in between.

The thoughts that have been shared so passionately by learners at MU have made it the enriching experience it is. As a little overview of the month I want to go over some of my favourite lines from our March posts.

I think there is a time in almost every project where it looks ugly and rough. That’s the time where it takes faith to step forward.  I struggle with that point a lot.  It helps me most to treat every artwork as play. –Neeva

Sometimes creative processes can get a little too serious, a little too intense, and that passion is good, it can be cathartic, therapeutic, energizing. But it’s just as significant to remember that art as play is just as powerful, and with so many stressed out minds out there, letting that playfulness take over is exactly where your imagination thrives.

“. . .they have found some bugs in the brain’s synapses, which makes it even more fun.” –Veyot

Nobody is perfect, so you might as well embrace the idea that your art isn’t going to be perfect either. Instead of letting that hold you back, make it yours, and love the imperfections you find in your art and in the art of others around you. If art can inspire less judgmental appreciation towards creativity, maybe it can inspire us to be less judgmental towards ourselves (and others) too.

“…your vocabulary is stretched to its limits: its peaceful, scintillating, meditative, snowy, drifting… Language is inadequate…” –Myra

I love how people at MU are finding inspiration across disciplines, where music is a story and poetry is a building, historical events are sculptures and avatars are paintings. It stretches like ribbons of thought, flailing out of our heads energetically, tangling in the wind with other minds that cross our path. The results can be poetic.

“Wow that’s uh quite, wow yes I see.” –Art

And sometimes, well, sometimes you’re in awe and it leaves you speechless! But one of the important things I’ve learned at MU this month is this:

The real life hero’s journey we’re all on rarely confronts us with a single powerful foe blocking our way to success: We fight our dragons every day. -Myra

Thank you March MUses, you’ve been such an inspiration!

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