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MU Photo Collections

MU Photo Collections

Medici University currently has 5 Photo Groups on Flickr. 4 of them are open to anyone to join and view. Please join them all, and add your pix to the one group that’s most appropriate.

Please don’t add your pix to all the groups!

That defeats the purpose of having more than one group. Each group can best serve it’s focus if it contains images not found in the other group. For example, our original group “Medici University” which has now been redubbed Medici University Documentary gets a lot of pix showcasing people and events on campus. This is wonderful! But that flood of documentary images can bury a single fine art image. So today I’ve created the MU Fine Art group, a place to feature exactly that, images created by our many fine photographers and digital image creators on campus.

Here are our groups and the focus of each:

Medici University

Oona, Stina & Isabella sitting on the deck at Oona's studio at Nostradamus:1

Our main flickr group is a “documentary” group focusing on people and events at MU.

MU Fine Art

photo of primitive objects with dramatic lighting

Whether you do Digital Creation, Figure Studies, Conceptual Pieces, or any other sort of Fine Art image creation, welcome to your new home!


Katy Perry with fireworks and a lot of bright, primary colors!

The photo home for all things KPO: DJ’s, Music, Dance Parties! Feature your pix here!

MU Visiting Artists

Anthea Sharp @ MU

So far we’ve only had our 1st visiting artist, author Anthea Sharp. Thanks to Neeva & Myra for making that such a wonderful event. We’re hoping to have a lot more visiting artists come our way. When they do, please add your photos to this group!

MU Life Drawing


Our one invitation only group is MU Life Drawing. The reason it’s a closed group is that it’s really only for the Learners & Life Models in Jade Ravenheart’s Studio Art 12: Life Drawing course. Since it’s a beginning level course, the desire is to share work with each other, but not necessarily to be scrutinized by the whole world. Please share any images you’d like to discuss with your classmates in this group, and if you do want to share them with a wider audience, then do add them to the MU Fine Art group.

If you’ve taken this class, or modeled for it, just ask Jade to invite you to the group.

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