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Aurora (VestaAurora)

Aurora (VestaAurora)

Meet the MU artist, Aurora (VestaAurora). [Tullia 13, Medici University]

Aurora by Yeats' tombstone
Aurora by Yeats’ tombstone.

Aurora has been in Second Life for almost three years, now, and while she has been an active builder, her W.B Yeats tower at Medici University is her first art project.

 “I’ve never really considered myself to be working as an artist or even being an artist in SL, really. I’ve just always enjoyed building things for myself.”

Aurora’s Medici University creation is untitled. It is inspired by the poetry of W. B. Yeats and his poem, Aedh Wishes for the Cloth of Heaven.

“ What inspired me to make the tower was a desire to put a song or poem into a more visual medium that still focused on the words. ”

Aurora's Tower - inside
Words of the poem floating by.

Standing outside of Aurora’s tower, it seems cold and uninviting, as if constructed to withstand an attack (Perhaps by the horseman Yeats mentions on his tombstone.). Inside (Switch your view to mouselook), it’s as if you’ve opened a surreal book: mist rises from the floor, passages from the poem float by on scraps of cloth, and overhead hangs the multicolored cloth of heaven. Stand there for a few moments and let the beauty of Yeat’s words and Aurora’s creation take you.

Yeats Tower by Aurora

Aurora’s work of art is beautiful and thought provoking. She has taken Yeats’ work of art, his poem, and reinvented it as her own work of art. It’s inspiring to see such a mature work of art from a freshman Medici student.

If you have a chance, visit Aurora’s tower at Tullia 13 and let us know your thoughts.


Story submitted by Myra Wildmist at MU.


  1. Wonderful feature Myra! I love installations that are inspired by poetry, it’s always so interesting to see literature transform into visual interpretation. Aurora’s work is a beautiful piece on MU!

    1. What Art said! Lovely post by Myra & sublime installation by Aurora!

      We really need to get those campus “walking tours” rolling and make sure more peeps have invitations to stroll the campus and discover exciting work by peeps like Aurora!

  2. Nice feature! Auroa’s piece is unique in MU, I think. She’s obviously a skilled builder and does some interesting technical things in the installation that I wish I knew how to do. Definitely go to mouselook when inside to get the full effect. She uses the enclosed space so well. It really is essential to the feeling of the piece. Well done.

    Neeva Torok

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