Dance for Camera project at Oceania Planetary Park

I am creating a new site-specific Dance for Camera video project at Kimika Ying’s Oceania Planetary Park installation at LEA27 in Second Life. Each participant can “pick their planet” and I’ll work with you to create a movement / dance / interaction between you and your planet.

Time: of your convenience
Location: Oceania Planetary Park / Second Life
Who: Anyone! If you’ve never used Second Life but would like to participate, I can help you through it.

“Planets” available:

selenium-toned polaroid photograph of Kimika Ying and Vanessa Blaylock at the LEA27 "Oceania Planetary Park" sim in Second Life. Behind them the planet Saturn is rising.
Kimika Ying & Vanessa Blaylock
1. Sun
2. Mercury:
3. Venus:
4. Earth:
5. Mars: Christa Forster
6. Jupiter:
7. Saturn:
8. Uranus:
9. Neptune: Wendz Tempest
10. Pluto
11. Observatory:

There will also be one group piece at Planet Walk, an installation in the sky above the park. This will have a specific time & date and participation is open to anyone but not required.

If you’d like to participate, just leave a comment on this post and let me know which planet you’d like.

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