Unpartner Institutions

One of the ways Medici University saves you money, lots of money, is by not reinventing the wheel. Our focus at MU is in putting you in active learning situations. What if you want to learn some specific skills? Great! That's why some of the greatest faculty have already put this content in free MOOCs for you.

You don't buy a $2,000, 32 volume paper encyclopedia when you can use a better resource like Wikipedia for free, do you? Then why go to a brick and mortar grad school where random faculty can ring you up a bill of thousands for information based knowledge that you can take from great faculty for free?



Stop paying for brick & mortar buildings that you don’t need. Use free MOOC courses to learn content and then engage in your high-level activities and results based work through Medici University. Use these MOOC unpartner institutions for a wide range of useful courses from some of the world's greatest faculty:



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