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Reunion Dance Party in March?

Reunion Dance Party in March?

black and white photo of avatar dancing in a fountain
Agnes Sharple dancing in the fountain at Virtual Trafalgar Square, Dance Anywhere, 2012

This week is already sniffle the end of Creating Site Specific Dance and Performance Works. And Practice Based Research in the Arts will be done in 3 weeks.

One way to keep the conversation and interaction going is right here at .Re/search! Let us know what you’re working on! Let us know what you’re thinking about!

It might also be nice to have some sort of “Global Reunion Party.” And of course, Dance Parties are best, so… what if we just Dance Anywhere!?

Actually, Dance Anywhere is exactly that, a global dance party. The next one is 2014 March 28 at Noon PDT / 7pm GMT. The idea is that wherever you are, peeps stop and dance. Companies of many sizes have all participated in this inspiring event.
Dance Anywhere / Vanessa Blaylock Company
VBCO @ Dance Anywhere / Performance Document

If peeps from either class, anywhere on earth, want to participate we can post here to coordinate and share ideas in advance and images after.

Vaneeesa Blaylock Company members participating in Dance Anywhere 2012 at Trafalgar Square, London

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