About 2015

Dear Blueberries & Mixed Berries,

Happy Holidays!


The MOOC that launched our 3 websites: .Re/act, .Re/search, and .Re/cipes plus our Slack chat space, Practice Based Research in the Arts, from Leslie Hill & Helen Paris at Stanford / NovoEd, ran from 9 Oct – 11 Dec 2013. At it’s end the Blueberry group decided to continue with once-a-month Google Hangouts. A few of us drifted off, others joined in, and Ciara rechristened our group Mixed Berry Shake.

With our upcoming meetup on Monday 8 Dec we’ll have completed a full year of post-PBR meetups and we’ll be celebrating a year since the conclusion of that MOOC.

Moving Forward

My question today is, now that we’re about to complete this 2014 year of independent collaboration, what do we want for 2015?

Stats on participation in Scott Klemmer's HCI MOOC: 16,000 watched videos, 12,000 submitted quizzes, and 1,260 completed assignments

HCI MOOC Stats / Scott Klemmer / UC San Diego / Coursera

• Another year of monthly meetups?
• Have a “holiday party” on 8 Dec and then let our “extended mission” come to an end?
• Move to something like once a quarter meetups that perhaps are 2 hours and more substantive?
• Move away from meetups just to touch base and toward a more ad-hoc project based collaboration?

I’m really fine with any of these options or any others we come up with. But I did want to ask. In a way it’d be a shame to let this small community we’ve built go. Then again, while our during-PBR meetups had a lot of agenda material courtesy of the excellent PBR Guest Artists, our content / discussion / production in 2014 has, in a way, been lower.


I say “in a way” because we’ve also done a lot: Ciara & Hugh metup in Ireland. Christa, Michael & Kate metup in California. I had the chance to bring avatars from around the globe together with Michael, Kate & EZTV for ONE Night. Some of us participated in a LACMA Art+Technology proposal and “we” might put another proposal together very soon.

Still, I do wonder if we aren’t accomplishing less than the intense times of those weekly activities in PBR. Our November Hangout was wonderful and the first chance I had to “meet” Andrea. But between the understandable late arrivals and early departures, and the technical difficulties that several of us had, it was a bit of a project! For sure there’s something nice about that live interaction, but we do pay a price in efficiency and convenience for that synchronous communication. With sites like .Re/act and Slack we can be asynchronous (or even synchronous if we happen to be there at the same time) and work at each person’s time zone and convenience.

What do you think?

4 dancers in LED costumes

ONE Night Costumes, front

We’ll definitely keep .Re/act, .Re/search, .Re/cipes & Slack going either way, so they’re always there when we want to use them. And we can add any new peeps to them that anyone likes. But I’d appreciate it if you’d all chime in here (or link a blog post if you prefer!) and share your thought on what, if anything, should frame our activities for 2015?