BAOC awarded to Muse

Hmm.. so it’s friday.. right? Last friday i came back from my stay elsewhere and went for a ‘just quick look for a little while’ Those quick little while’s never happen tho but that aside. Felt very warmly welcomed by a lot of mu people. Its amazing how MU keeps changing and developing, like a living creature. If you look around after 7 weeks not seeing with your own eyes it’s very notable.
Just when i was going to sleep Izzy put on a song on her screen from an artist who will remain nameless for now , and of course i had had had to go look 9___9.. after some dancing she rendered me speechless by saying BAOC and trowing the classical primcube trophy on the floor for me to take.
While i’m honored and kinda proud in this weird way i actually thought for a sec about not taking it. Since the start of MU there have been some many thing going on, so many people doing all these cool and mindtickling things.. its almost unfair to pick one out. But at the same time the only reason i took it is because the privilege of receiving this BOAC thing is you get to choose someone to give it to.. well and leaving your mark on that primcube, less important but also fun do.. Kinda checked immediately if the person that i thought of didn’t already got it.. and no yet, so my luck 🙂

In rl i enjoy quotes from people.. it’s full of things for me to think about. In SL i like mesh, light, details, machine things, power chords, whatevers.. Combined made me make a neon lettered quote on the trophy which i’m fond of and in a way applies to a lot what is happening on MU.

Art is anything you can get away with.
~Marshall McLuhan

I will pass it on to someone who started a while in after MU’s start, her studio being across the street of mine. At the beginning a lot of the time when i was at my place, i saw her standing being busy or muttering around a bit. Also waving back for a friendly chitchat when i or people wandered by. After some time i began to see her at almost every class i went, diligently participating and seeing more and more of things she seemed to have taken in back in her work. When returning after my 7 weeks staring at MU’s site and flickr, where she adds quite an amount of pictures, i suddenly saw this huge leap, even in appearance.

So dear muse. i’m giving this week’s BAOC to you. Its because i think you took the opportunity that MU gives.. or maybe even grabbed with both hands and try to learn everything what you found to be interesting. I heard you saying sometimes you weren’t always happy with the results but i noticed that didn’t got you down, kept going on trying to improve yourself for the better. Yesterday even.. when i half uninspired lazy asked if you were going to critics class, you cheerfully said ‘of course.. i go every week’ which did made me decide to come too. You had to show something too. A painting you made after a class assignment that you felt had some restrictions so you made another just because.. you really seem to enjoy yourself and do things out of your own for yourself. You are open about what you’re doing, what you are learning or have learned, sometimes even vulnerable, which i admire immensely. You inspire me to keep enjoying learning, school myself and ‘keep doing’ as you said yourself so very strikingly.
I think you can be very proud of yourself for the sweet and earnest MU student you are, i am and very happy to congratulate you for being this week’s BAOC.