Chaplain’s Update


You who bring so much inspiration, excitement, experience, and essentialness,

With the influx of artists, students, and faculty arriving at MU in prep for the semester, the much-awaited materialisation of a bar on campus happened last night. This essential infrastructure is located on the East Side of the bridge over the Eleonora Gorge. It is called BBC Brewery. Izzy and Vanessa, your branding and innovation should make every virtual campus vibrate with beer-induced (and other-induced) inspiration.

Along other inspirational lines: the kiosks! Of course they are intended to be informational, but random kiosk art will be such a fun way to get people moving around and looking at things. As Izzy announced in VB Friends: Add MediciUniversity as a friend get edit perms on the kiosks.

(As one always in search of new manifestos and screeds, I find this latest kiosk development most exhilarating.)

Please note: The Chaplain will be IRL for 3 or 4 days, but will be checking this forum as well as the class schedule.

RM Beedit
Medici University Chaplain
structi essent structurae solveris