Christa and Hugh on Coursera: Understanding Research Methods


Hello. Just met up with the Mixed Berry Shake team for our June hangout, and Hugh and I (he showed up late Ciara!) promised to post here on .Re/act what we’re up to in a the six-week summer MOOC we’re undertaking: Understanding Research Methods via Coursera.

Here is a link to the question Hugh is developing and some discussion around it: How do Arabian women artists view the status of women within the Middle East?

And here is a link to the question Christa is developing and the discussion around it: How can being born into a historically significant, multi-racial family — which presents as white, or “passes” — undermine white supremacy?

I see that Hugh has joined the Signature Track for the course. I’ve been wondering if I should do the same. Right now the fee of $49 is not necessarily negligible for me (we’re in the process of buying a house), so I’m wondering if my school might pay for it; they’re pretty good about funding professional development.  What do you all think about paying for the signature track?

Also, Hugh and I are tagging all our stuff with “Practice Based Research” if you want to find or search for us and others doing this kind of research in the course. Also, interestingly, the question with the most views is “Can online learning replace formal education?” There may be some interesting threads discussions in there that could be used to develop a piece for Isabella de Medici’s MOOC Magazine.

** Just noticed that Michael signed up for the course. If you create a question, please link us up to it!