MAY 26, 11 AM

Join a creative excursion to two beautiful sims by Mistero Hifeng. We’ll meet at LEA 29 and walk from one haunting statue to the next. We can choose our favorites, discuss sim design, windlight and mood. Mistero Hifeng has given us some notes explaining his work. We can take snapshots to hang in the MU gallery or port to MU Fine Arts group on Flickr. I have already posted some on Tumblr.

When I go wild taking snapshots at a beautiful sim, I usually save them to disk and make a video for myself, using Fraps and Windows Movie Maker. I just drop the snapshots in, set time for 3 seconds, click automatic pan and zoom, and bingo. I have a movie. Well, its really a slideshow, but the panning and zooming makes it more interesting.

Have you tried the new snapshot filters on the viewer? I don’t do much photoshopping other than cropping, so the new filters are really useful. I hope we can share photography tips tomorrow. If you can’t go at that time, just search for LEA29 on the world map and drop into the beautiful landscape.