Expressing Emotion through Art


Introducing a new course… Expressing Emotion through Art.

What does it include? Pretty much what the title says it is.

It is a class that explore emotions and expressing them through art. This is not just bound to drawing or painting. Anyone with a taste in art can take this course (including building, writing, photography, and even dance!). It is aimed on how you will express your emotions, and maybe even offer different perspectives in how to show them.

When: Tuesday at 8pm SLT starting on June 2nd.
Theme: Deadly Sins


June 2ndIntro
June 9thAnger
June 16thLust
June 23rdPride
June 30thGluttony

If there is anyone that has any ideas or questions, please don’t be afraid to contact Jade Ravenheart (Cynn Blackrain).