¡Ay Dios Mio!

I’m worried, so worried about the state of our world. As a result of the hoards streaming into Alta California to plunder the land and the rivers for this gold that they believe the whole land rests upon, much turmoil has erupted. They call our land — which is now newly their land — “the golden state,” but they should be calling it the red and black and blue state because of all the spilled blood and violence being done to get this gold. I have been up to my eyeballs in safeguarding native women and children, refugees to our mission San Juan Capistrano, who have heard rumor that they gain shelter here, gain safety. As I am “la llavera,” I have been taking them in and keeping them in the attic at nights, but we are running out of room! I’ve heard told that there are men in the north full of so much cupidity that their eyeballs are literally turning yellow!


Meg, who seems to have a stronger immune system than most (I’m not positive she is human) is perhaps safe on Mars, but as I have not heard anything from the others (sweet Oscar, Donnie — whose immune system I’m sure is dashed due to his lifestyle — Isabella, Mr. Sweetman), I fear that my comadres and compadres have been victims of some new violence or virulence and that the end is truly nigh!