Fly By VR Cast Dear Moni Trilby Mireille…

Fly-By VR Cast:

Dear Moni, Trilby, Mireille & Aeon! aka “Owen’s Band!”

There’s a new Mixed Reality project brewing and I thought I’d turn first to “The Band” to see about your interest / availability.

Instead of Owen in London… this time it’s EZTV in Los Angeles. Once again our in-world performance will be projected as part of a live on-site performance. This time we get to be projected on outdoor balloons!

It’ll be Saturday 31 May in the evening in Los Angeles. I’m just starting to discuss the projects with their RL choreographer. Here’s a bit of info:

LMK of your interest / availability and I’ll share details as I get them.

Oh, and speaking of Owen, he’s still waiting on the video! But in case you didn’t already see them, he did send us some still images:

I Want a Dead One – photos