Hangout on Venus this Saturday!

the words "avatar hangouts" in black and red typography using the Burbank font from House Industries set in wide and bold

Postcard of Vanessa Blaylock standing inside a mobile Venus rover as she waits out a Venutian rainstorm. The image had a black border and an Ada Lovelace postage stamp.

Avatar Hangout at Kimika Ying’s Sister Planet this Saturday, 9a California / 5p London.

Meetup! Hangout!

Old Friends! New Friends!

A dance place without the dancing. But you can dance if you want to.
A philosophy discussion group without the philosophy. But you can talk philosophy if you want to.

Saturday 13 September

• 9a California / 5p London / 2a Sydney.
• World: SL
• Location: LEA29: Kimika Ying’s Sister Planet


  1. Meet ‘n Greet
  2. Chat with Kimika about the Sister Planet project
  3. Ideas for Field Trips to other worlds
  4. Ice cream & cookies

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