Mixed Berry Shake hangouts 2014

typography of "Mixed Berry Shake" with the letters made out of different types of berries

Hangouts 2014

2nd Monday of the Month
• Aug 11 – facilitator: Michael
• Sep 8 – facilitator: Ciara
• Oct 13 – facilitator: Hugh
• Nov 10 – facilitator: Kate
• Dec 8 – facilitator: Vanessa

Nobody has to be a facilitator. Everybody is welcome to facilitate. You don’t have to do a lot, but you could pick a few topics and help juggle the hour.

Open Timetable in Google Drive


Raspberries Macro by Liz West
Reward for work: Blueberries by @rsseattle
Kiwi by Sergiu Bacioiu
Berries by Matt Becker