I Send You this Duchamp Dossier

cadmium red photoPhoto by CraftyGoat

Ysidora! I’ve been struck by the dialog from your performance:

Your mom throws everything away and that’s why she has no history

She has no history because she is a woman

As you know I’ve been thinking about the magical qualities, the bounded serendipity of Cornell Boxes. Today I was thinking about that lovely collaboration I Send You this Cadmium Red, and another famous collaboration between 2 legendary box guys: Joseph Cornell & Marcel Duchamp’s Duchamp Dossier.

Weather it’s stolen land or a damnatio memoraie from your misogynist brother, we’re 2 dead women who’ve had some of our history erased. Would you care to start a correspondence? We might trade Spanish Land Grants, Cadmium Reds, Duchamp Dossiers, Renaissance Portraits, Lost Journals, or anything else. We could do it right here on react, or I know someone who just loves to make new sites and could set one up for us.

What do you think?

cadmium red photoPhoto by Niecieden