Jane’s Walk to Forgotten City

Feels Empty has strongly encouraged me to do a cyberspace walk. (Frankly, I walk all over the mainland and also walk around my real life city.)  I don’t want to create yet another account on the Jane’s Walk site so I’m posting this here. I think Feels is going to maybe post this info there.

Anyway, I am choosing a place away from MU, Forgotten City. We can meet at 4:00 p.m. SLT at the Collaborate place, which I think is Maria 5.

From the land description:

“A once great city where the prosperous residents were served by the miraculous mechanical automatons. The people have long since disappeared, but the automatons remained and still take care of the crumbling stone walls, abandoned halls and rusty fences.”

Some of you have likely heard of this place or been there. It’s worth a visit!