Little Lost Prims :(

Did you know that sometimes objects go floating away?  Get lost, missing etc?  I walk around campus a lot cause its my job and cause its great here.  And I notice a lot of art debris that maybe you don’t know is there!  Its amusing really when you find a couch where it clearly was never meant to be.  😉

So since I’m walking around anyway I thought I’d call you all up and let you know I found some of  your little lost prims so you can come find them.  Poor little prims.  😛

Alternatively if you have Firestorm, you can do an Area Search.  If thats all too complicated the basics are this: click on World, then Area Search, then the Find tab.  Enter your sign in name in the Owner box and hit Search.  Some stuff you may need to walk around to find, because sometimes it takes longer to find stray things far far away.  But the basics are, it will list ALL your stuff on the sim (if you give it long enough and its behaving.)

This is a great way to find out how many sims you are using, without manually adding on fingers.  Just select all those listed items in the List window, right click and choose edit and it will tabulate how many collected prims that is.

Be sure not to do any editing in that window if you do that, just close it and go on your way.

By anyway.  The poor little lost prims I’ve noticed I’ll list by nearest location.  And I’m not prim shaming!  This is just environmental clean up!  If the stuff I list is actually art, just disregard, what do I know anyway.  😛

xo Oona

Neeva: A purple slab above Harmony’s plot (Aurelia 7)