Low-Fi Meeting Highlights from Sunday 8/16

Ten people came to the Low-Fi gathering today. Thank you all for your participation and for being so inspirational.

Major Highlights:

  • Reviewed the status of Low-Fi and The Farm
  • Looked at Veyot’s machinima videograph – At Musiclandia
  • Looked at Pearl’s machinima story – The Painting
  • Looked at Glori’s shared machinima of an interpretation of her dance, to Unwritten
  • Discussed a format and date for the Guerilla Burlesque seminar
  • Reviewed the status of our performance stages and brainstormed a bit about the future!


  • Veyot’s videograph field trip will be on Sunday 8/23 at 9am SLT
  • Guerilla Burlesque Seminar will be Sunday 8/30 at 9am SLT

Thanks to All Participants:

  • Veyot
  • Elle Thorkveld
  • Kimika Ying
  • Pearl Grey (pearlgrey)
  • Newton
  • Gloria Maertens
  • Serra Qendra
  • Trilby Minotaur IIID (trilby3d)
  • Art Oluja (artistik.oluja)
  • Fanny (fannyvermont)

Read the Whole Transcript Here!