Maria Bridges

Bridges can be between friends, towns, cities, sometimes countries.  Bridges are for building, walking, tearing down and building again.

Little Bridges – Right now, there are two bridges straddling the gorge based at Maria 13 and 6 ( The goal is to whittle it down to one bridge. One of these? Maybe. Both bridges are wooden. One is a classic “girder” style with twinkling lights all over it. The other is an arched deck, blackened, with four torches on each side. Although crossing that torch bridge might singe your eyebrows, you should see Paypaback ride her motorcycle across it!  Thoughts on bridges are welcome~!

Big Bridges – There’s also a big bridge closer to Mt. Rushmore. What? Thats not Mt. Rushmore? Well who is on Mt. Rushmore if it isn’t the three of them? Some kind of bridge building curriculum is in the works for that. Imagine a bridge building collaborative “class,” including formal bridge installation, party on bridge, and  more.  There could be one bridge per month between March and June, if the class flows in the usual SL relaxed manner. More extensive info is forthcoming in the class schedule!