Mixed Berry Shake Hangout (unofficial) Minutes

Photos from today’s Mixed Berry Shake Hangout.  In virtual attendance: Ciara Finnegan, Christa Forster, Michael Masucci, Kate Johnson, Vanessa Blaylock.Molly Ross and Rebecca Longworth chimed in by email but were not able to meet up with us today.

Items discussed:

  • taking a specific collective action (making something together) in Year 2

Other items discussed

  • Creating a vocabulary for what we’re doing that is easier for “outsiders” to understand (viz, the way people did not understand that the avatars in One Night event were live, and when they found out, they were more impressed/interested)
  • Ciara’s reaching out to Sher Doruff for an interview for MOOC Magazine
  • Growing our network and reinvigorating other Blueberries, maybe through tiered participation opportunities (e.g., discreet/one-stop “happenings”; continuing monthly meetups, etc)
  • The importance/tyranny/power of Context and also of Context Collapse
  • Young people wanting digital experience to work like life (ephemerality/transience in experience) and so they gravitate away from static venues like fb to more ephemeral ones like snapchat and yik yak
  • Facebook “Binders Full of Women” and various “Binders subgroups (like Houston Binders)” — I, Christa am a a member of these two “secret groups” (along with hundreds and thousands of women who are writers), and I’m not sure if the links will let you in to look or not. If you’re a woman and consider yourself a writer, and you’d like to be added, I can to do that with your fb username. In response to Michael’s comment about how fb is not specialized enough audience-wise for him to use, I commented on how the specialized nature of these groups is a boon and a bane (showing the power of Context and of Context Collapse in action!)
  • Christa’s talk on Ysidora Pico for Forster Family Reunion in SJC, CA.

Next steps: brainstorm in .Re/act around possible “actions” to take or “happenings” to make as a collective

Think up possible new names for our group.
Until next time….xoxoxo