Stats on participation in Scott Klemmer's HCI MOOC: 16,000 watched videos, 12,000 submitted quizzes, and 1,260 completed assignments

HCI MOOC Stats / Scott Klemmer / UC San Diego / Coursera

Molly and I were wondering how many people enrolled in our PBR MOOC and other stats we haven’t heard about. I don’t think Site Dance shared numbers either. I do know that the Future of Storytelling MOOC from Postdam / Iversity has 83,000 peeps “enrolled” yet only 120 submitted “Creative Task of the Week #4” (note that unlike many MOOCs, the Storytelling one does not require these to be submitted to get a certificate)

A MOOC I’ve never taken but that sounds pretty interesting is Scott Klemmer’s Human Computer Interaction MOOC from UC San Diego / Coursera. He just finished the 4th edition of it, and as you see in the image, he does share the numbers!