MU Schedule is Everywhere!

Medici University class, event, and activity schedule on a campus kiosk


Thanks to the many realms wisdom of our own Chaplain Beedit, MU has a state-of-the-art scheduling system! You can see it on the Schedule Page of course, but it’s also found in lots of handy other spots, like here on MU/Talk, on MU/Creativity, and on the post sidebars at MU/Home. The schedule is also on 4 interactive kiosks on the Medici University campus.


You might know that our campus has 4 parcels and 4 arrival points:
• MU-Isabella, arrival: up top, at the 4-corners of LEA22-23-24-25
• MU-Eleonora, arrival: Avalon Planetarium
• MU-Dianora, arrival: Bacon Barista

At each of these 4 arrival points is an interactive kiosk with a schedule of upcoming Classes, Events & Activities on the MU Campus!

You Can Schedule!

You don’t have to wait for The Chaplain or I to put things on the calendar! Just pass your email address to Chaplain Beedit, or Provost Izzy, and we’ll add you to the Calendar Peeps, and show you how easy it is to add stuff to the calendar. Your one calendar listing will appear automatically in all 8 of the above locations! 😀