My Sister

{closes eyes… drops posture… tries to look humble… opens eyes… taps microphone…}

tap… tap… is this… one… two…

Hello everyone. I’d like to apologize for a somewhat abrupt group notice yesterday. And to assure you that I, and everyone here at Medici University hold our many, wonderful, and diverse learners in the highest esteem. My probably too-early announcement of our Guy Fawkes Day / Studio Roulette activity was intended to inspire, enlighten, and ennoble you. I hope that it did that for at least a few of you. But I appreciate now that for many of you change is not a welcome thing. It was not my intention to distress anyone nor to suggest that our freedom loving university was going to dictate experiences to anyone who didn’t want them.

Please accept my apologies and know that I will redouble my efforts to handle Campus Facilities Management with sensitivity to the needs of all learners. I’d also like to apologize to my sister who had to do some explaining to some of you earlier in the day. I’m sorry about this everyone. I’ll do better.

photo of a dog tag that reads "Isabella Medici, FLOFL, 31 Aug 1542, 16 Jul 1576, Uxoricide.

First Lady of Florence

I think everyone at MU appreciates how much Isabella does for us. And in my own case, I have to confess a certain, lifelong over-exuberance in so many things. I’m always striving to maximize creativity, or just to live moments fully, but I know it’s most often Izzy who has to cover for me or bail me out. We all owe her thanks, and no one owes her more than me.

I thought I might share a short paragraph about my sister that Donna Cardamone wrote in 2002,

Wit, beauty and talent made her conspicuous among all the women of the day, and she captivated every heart except her husband’s. Speaking Spanish, French and Latin fluently, a perfect musician, singing beautifully, a poetess and improvvisatrice by nature, Isabella was the soul of all around her, and the fairest star of the Medici.