News Update!

poster of a busy dance club with superimposed text "Felicia Day Night"



Our danceteria’s grand opening is Saturday, 10pm SLT – Midnight w/ DJ Myra!

Class of ’15

We have a brand new Class of ’15 page that shows you what all your friends are up to and what Colleges & Programs everyone is in. If you want to invite more peeps to join us, there’s still space! Available studios here:


We’re started posting your Student (& faculty & staff) profiles on the Student Union (KATYPERRYOPOLIS!) website. You can see a bunch if you scroll down:

If you do, or do not have one, either way, it’d be great if you’d send me:

  1. Your Bio (or mission statement, or anything like that)
  2. Your Photo
  3. Any links, like Blog, Website, etc
  4. Any Social Media Links, like Twitter, Facebook, etc

And we’ll get you updated!