ONE Night Pix

Installation view of a plaza with dancers and projections.

Monerda Skute (pink) & Trilby Minotaur (blue) VR dancing on the side of a building as LED illuminated dancers perform on the ground.

Oh wow! We never knew we were on! We waited from 8-11pm waiting for our cue, and were told a few times, You’re on in 5 minutes, but we thought we’d never been cued. Apparently, we were on! For about 1/2 hour they tell me. We never were cued to do Section 3, the most animated and live portion of the performance, but as you see here, Monerda, Trilby, Harmony & Scarlett were projected in gigantic splendor in the outdoor performance in Los Angeles celebrating the anniversary of EZTV.

Video… on the way!

Installation view of ONE Night / Flyby / In the Dark celebrating the anniversary of EZTV

Harmony Sandalphon (purple) & Scarlett Luv-McMillan (turquoise) VR dancing on the side of an inflatible balloon as RL dancers perform on the ground below.