ONE Night

logos for the ONE Night event: City of West Hollywood, EZTV, LA ACM Siggraph

ONE Night, 31 May 2014

ONE Night: EZTV, LA ACM SIGGRAPH, and Digital Art in West Hollywood
is coming up on Saturday 31 May! Vanessa Blaylock Company is collaborating with EZTV & Donna Sternberg, et al on a Mixed Reality component to the evenings activities. Our avatars will be projected outdoors on an inflatable balloon or the side of a building.

I’ve recently received 3 choreography videos, 5 costume sketches, and 2 music tracks. I’d love to post them all here for convenient access, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to make them public or not. You can get more info on the event here:

VR Plans

Here are some thoughts on how VBCO might structure our component of the Mixed Reality Performance:

  1. The physical dance will feature 2 duets, followed by a 3rd piece featuring all 4 dancers. We will mirror this structure.

  2. The physical dancers will have costumes in 4 colors. We will find costumes in colors close to the RL colors. If you can provide PMS or RGB numbers or swatches, we’ll shop for virtual fabric.

  3. Do you have hairstyles for the RL dancers? We can mirror those as well. Our VR choreography will likely be rather different from the RL choreography, but by mirroring Hair & Costume I think we can establish a compelling link between our variously mediated cultural spaces.

  4. Given that we will be projected on an inflatable or building, I wonder if having VR dancers in a busy VR set might be too much visual noise (not to mention streaming bandwidth) Perhaps we should set our avatar dancers against a white background so that when projected it will be them alone on the projection surface?

  5. How do you want to handle cues? Should we have a Stage Manager Chat Channel online? In order to project our VR avatars in California, you will have to be logged in to the Virtual World with a (free) avatar. Should that avatar also be the Stage Manger Chat Channel?

  6. We’ll post photos and/or videos as we assemble the elements.


ONE Night is Saturday 31 May, 8-11pm California Time (Sunday 1 June, 3-6am GMT / 5-8am CEST)

  1. When should the VR Dancers be backstage? 8-11pm PDT? Or less? Or more?

  2. Are there any other times, a tech or dress rehearsal perhaps, that we should also be available? Please let us know any dates & times as soon as you know them.