Rocktober Hangout

Hatsune Miku & Pharrell Williams dancing

Lets Hangout!

Even if we’re not quite as cool as Hatsune Miku hanging out with her pals like Pharrell Williams & Lady Gaga, a Mixed Berry Shake is still a pretty great way to spend the 2nd Monday of the month. Please join us for another inspiring global conversation!

Monday 13 Oct ’14

9a California / 16:00 GMT
3a Tue Sydney

Time Zones: Southern Hemisphere: (parts) have Sprung Ahead. Northern Hemisphere: Falls Behind later this month.


Shout out your agenda items, news, or projects you’ve been working on in the comments below.

I’m currently a Community TA for the Site Dance MOOC round 2. That, and Michael & Kate’s massive EZTV Museum, motivated me to put in some time the last couple of weeks updating my portfolio. I have 2 now:
Performance Art (2009 – 2013)

Public Art (2013 – present)

And you?


Somewhere along the way I penciled Hugh in to host October. Hugh, will you be there? Would you like to host? No worries if not, just LMK. Also Hugh, if you’ll be there, I’ll try to get Edie’s friend Nasrene, who’s just up the road from you in Dubai, to join us.

Hatsune Miku staring into the camera with an RL dressing room behind her

I need a bigger dressing room!