Story Boards Collaboration Finale

Katy Back to her Roots

Art Oluja and I have enjoyed collaborating to bring you the new (and final) Story Boards and the invitation to submit your writing.

Your challenge: Write whatever you feel inspired to after contemplating the 15 pictures. Shuffle them around, reorder and pick up to 5 faves to go with your work.. Maybe a poem, a short story, or even a series of creative captions.. Send them in via notecard, email or Slack to Pearl Grey and get ready to be read! Your stories will be featured here, at MU Stories!
More details:
Include your name or nom de plume you want the writing credited too.
I’ll be posting your writing and chosen pictures to MU Stories. If you have, or want, a username and password to do so yourself please contact Art. (The pictures are available in the media file.)
I would also like to post the collaborations to my MU journal blog as I have with the previous ones.
Any questions not covered here? Ask away.
The Story Boards and some background about the location and our inspiration can be found at MU Creativity.