The Auld Sod*

Skipping through the lashing rain (yes, summer in Ireland…), not at all confident that I was going the right direction (I wasn’t), I couldn’t help but feel a little thrill of excitement at the prospect of meeting a “Berry” in Real Life – the fact of this meeting, somehow, an affirmation of a commitment to and belief in the importance of .re/act/The Berries (to use the prevailing term;-)).

I really enjoyed chatting with Hugh. We shared stories on our personal routes toward participation in .re/act and both of us expressed a hearty gratitude to Vanessa for starting this initiative, asking provocative questions and helping to keep the energy flowing! Hugh told me about a beautiful photographic project he worked on several years ago that connected the contemporary Irish landscape with its mythological past in a really unique and lyrical manner.
Acting on “An Invitation to Throw Stones”, Hugh kindly brought me 5 stones from the desert which I have promised to throw into the sea at Bloemendaal in North Holland.
I’ve also been trying to think of a collaborative action/performance that can serve as an opening to others to join the Berries. I’m wondering if, perhaps, we could organise some kind of planting action (thinking Edie’s farm) Though, the details of the “planting action” I’ve yet to think through…I’ve also been thinking about the name again – in many ways, I find, “The Berries” works for me – I was thinking of it particularly in the context of working in the different configurations that Christa proposed in the July Hangout – sometimes a bunch of Berries, sometimes a handful, sometimes just a couple. Healthy. Good on the interdisciplinary front: combine well with many other (food)groups. Lend colour and flavour to an argument: berries with bite, sweet berries…
Heaven’s it’s already August! Looking forward to the forthcoming hangout:-)

*Ireland, that is, not Hugh!;-)