The Golden Rule

I’ve heard about a few incidents recently where 2 or more MU Learners have gotten into a bit of a spat over something. In most cases it seems like no party is being all that mean-spirited, but that we just have different ways of being in this world.

Maybe the Golden Rule doesn’t work here. If you’re a “prankster,” maybe the way you’d like to be treated is a little more irreverent than some other MU Learner might be comfortable with.

Perhaps the MU “Golden Rule” should be to treat others on their own terms. If you’re a little saucy or sarcastic or pranky, and you find someone’s who’s your match, that’s great, have fun. I’ll even pick up the campus after, no worries. But if some other, equally valid and important MU Learner seems more serious or sensitive, don’t “pull their chain” just because you can. Try to respect that they don’t choose, or aren’t able, to live in this world the way that you do. Try to be polite. If that’s not really your thing, just politely move along.

And visa-versa. If you’re more focused on your work and someone tosses unrequested teasing or whatever your way, try not to take it too seriously. Try not to be offended, it’s not really personal, or even about you. And I certainly hope a fuss with a fellow learner doesn’t make you leave campus.

It’s been amazing to see how many peeps have collaborated and shared and hung out with each other. Yay us!

Just try to remember that even our little campus is still a big world. Play with people who want to play with you. Try to respect everyone for who they are, not for who you think they should be.

I’m pretty sure that no one here is “better” or “smarter” than anyone else. I’ve been amazed how peeps I didn’t initially have a strong connection with have, over time, turned out to be remarkable people and wonderful assets to our campus community.

Please don’t be a bully. And try not to call bullying just because someone has a different sensibility than you. If things really are beyond that, LMK and I’ll try to help.

Can’t we all just get along?