Visiting Artist Flickr Group!

black-and-white photograph of Anthea Sharp's avatar

Fantasy author Anthea Sharp speaking at Medici University on Sunday 29 March ’15

We have a new MU Flickr group, MU Visiting Artists!

We now have 3 public groups and 1 private group on Flickr:

Medici University (main group)
MU Visiting Artists

The main group is for most things, the KPO! group for KPO! music dance parties of course, and the MU Visiting Artist includes pix from today’s Anthea Sharp visit, which we hope will be the 1st of many visiting artist talks at MU!

It’s best to only add your pix to one of these groups. If you add to all of them, then there isn’t any point in having them because they’ll all have everything. Since KPO! can generate a lot of pix, and since it’s a specific activity, it seems like having its own group is good. Since we do hope to have many more visiting artists, it’ll be nice to have one easy place for these images. And most things you do will go in the MU Main group. You can add yourself to any of these.

MU Life Drawing
is an invitation only group for Learners & Models in Studio Art 12 – Life Drawing. Unlike our other groups, this one isn’t a “share with everyone” group, but a group just for peeps, often beginners, in Life Drawing to look at and talk about each other’s work. If you take the class, please ask the facilitator Jade Ravenheart to add you to the group!