Isabella Medici

I’m passionate about healthy, cruelty free, sustainable living. I don’t support patriarchal culture, the military industrial complex, or the slaughtering of animals. I do support educational experiences and careers that don’t involve hours, requirements, or offices, but that instead are based on achievements.


Michael Masuci

I’m an award-winning experimental media producer, video-artist, writer, curator, educator & musician. Commissioner, Santa Monica Arts Commission. Santa Monica Arts Foundation, Board Member. Santa Monica Public Art Committee, Committee Member.


Vanessa Blaylock

My work is to facilitate community. Whether it’s the participant-driven Public Art & Performance Art works of Vanessa Blaylock Company, or online collaborative art & culture salons like .Re/search and iRez, I define my success in helping you communicate and interact.


Ysidora Pico

What’s on [My] Mind? is a multi-platform (transmedia) performance project investigating the terrain of intergenerational identity. Working in multiple mediums — monologues, music, social media, virtual worlds, and blogs — I explores how race, identity, kinship and annexation conspire to determine a person’s (a family’s, a nation’s) fate.


Renie Schollerer

After my career in women’s health and pediatrics, I turned my focus to avatar reproductive systems. They are often especially fragile and so many worthy couples have been devastated at their inability to conceive. I try to combined the latest research in avatar fertility with a gracious, humanistic avatar gestation carrier program.