Photo of ancestors from past centuries: Ysidora Pico and the ventriloquist's dummy Donnie from 1850, and Isabela Medici from 1550.
Ancestors on [My] Mind!

Transmedia and YOU!

There’s a Transmedia Event and YOU are invited to be a medium for the departed!

As part of her What’s on [My] Mind series, Christa Forster is channeling her relative Ysidora Pico from 1850, and she’s giving the rest of us the chance to get in touch with past selves and alternate realities. In the short time since Christa channeled her, Ysidora has already had the chance to:

• Redress land theft in California
• Dance with the planet Mars
• Walk 10.2 miles through frozen New Hampshire for Campaign Finance Reform
• And be bottled as perfume!

Ysidora’s also been joined by an 1850 ventriloquist’s dummy Donnie who has a head but no body! And by the spirit of Medici Princess, Isabella Medici, (me) who got a little confused about the difference between 1850 and 1550.

What new adventures will you have when you offer your fingers & keyboard in service of a past life?

Hopscotch across the mind of the web

You’re invited to join our odyssey of past meets present as we play hopscotch across the mind and many platforms of the web. The ancestors have already started talking about the past, marveling about the present, threatened to incinerate each other, and flirted with each other, here:

And on 28 February it goes live here: / #1850charla

If you’ve got a keyboard and a little imagination (or access to Wikipedia) you can join us! Send the name you’ll be typing for and an email address on our contact form and we’ll register your past life immediately!
.Re/act / .Con/tact

diptych of a painting of Isabella Medici from 1564 and Izzy Medici as a doll avatar in 2014
Isabella 1564 / Izzy 2014

I won’t lie, for the first few hundred years after I was murdered by my own brother, I was pretty bitter about it. But I can’t tell you how over it I am now. He’s dead. I’m back. Let’s move on!

I hope you’ll join Ysidora, Donnie, and I, and all the other past lives now waking up in cyberspace. I can’t wait to meet you!

Warmest personal regards,

Isabella (Izzy) Medici


    1. This is wonderful news Michael and Kate! Of course #1850charla is actually Christa’s project, but as the former first lady of Florence, well, I suppose I have a certain way of usurping. I am doing my best to have a smaller footprint in this century.

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