magazine collage of a human silhouette against blues and greens

E is for Egypt


In Arab culture, the zaffa (Arabic: زفـّـة‎ / ALA-LC: zaffah), or wedding march, is a musical procession of bendir drums, bagpipes, horns, belly dancers and men carrying flaming swords. This announces that the marriage is about to begin. This is an ancient tradition, possibly predating Islam.

When the procession reaches its destination, there is usually a party, more loud noises, and then dinner.

On the Medici University campus today, Emma Maybe has reimagined the Zaffa with her Tuesday “Rooftop Raves,” a collection of drums, bagpipes, horns, belly dancers and men with flaming swords. There is no documentation of any marriages having taken place on Maybe’s rooftop, but reports from that area have always been sketchy.

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  1. ahem. Please note that your photo entitled Zaffa is an original collage made from magazine scraps. It is supremely interesting that you chose a section of the collage which depicted money, since I will be selling that collage for 15 million dollars as soon as I get the glue off my fingers.
    Sincerely, Veyot

    1. Hi Veyot.

      Oops! I did it again!

      I didn’t realize this was a proprietary image. I simply went through the campus taking pictures of different people and pieces of installations for this little “MU is Egypt?” project. Since I saw this on public display on campus, I thought it would be ok to photograph. I chose the portion I did because I liked the figurative quality of it.

      I can take this image down if you’d like, and replace it with something different.

      Or I can pay you a use fee for it, would L$250 be adequate?

      Please LMK what you’d like. My apologies. No infringement was intended.

      1. No, sorry. The price is 15 million. I need to buy more glue. That is my paper and glue collage which I made for the philosophy class. Please bring the money when you attend the third class, which is title Finding Virtual Forgiveness.

        1. Obviously I don’t have L$15m to pay for images. I will replace it with a different image.

          I had no idea that we had to find who the original author of every item on the MU campus was and seek their permission before taking a picture of the things we see on campus. Doesn’t this make documenting MU entirely impossible. Why is your work even on display at Newton’s studio if you don’t want it photographed? There was no sign to that effect, and no sign stating any authorship.

          I apologize for the offence. None was intended.

  2. Sorry, Ryan. I cannot let this go by without asserting my right as an artist. When you use original artwork, you should give credit to the artist. My collage is on display at Newton’s studio because it was made for his Philosophy Class. It is not for sale.

    1. Your right as an artist? Where did you credit all the artists you ripped off when you collaged their work into your piece? MU is a “collage” of 70 different artists work. Most of whom don’t credit the myriad other artists they used as sources for their work. Must every campus photo get clearance from all 70 MU artists and the many source artists behind them? You put your work on public display in a public place accessible to anyone and then you’re unhappy when someone walks by and takes a picture of it? Every photo taken on the MU campus has pieces of other peeps work in it. Are all 647 photos currently in the MU Flickr Group copyright violations that should be taken down immediately?

      The project you’re complaining about isn’t even up yet! This page is only 1 of 27 pages in the “E is for Egypt” project. It’s only about 2/3 done. Thanks to you it might never be done because now I’m spending my time taking down the images you don’t like instead of ever finishing the piece for anyone to actually see.

      I’ve tried to explore the campus in my posts. I can’t show you “E is for Egypt” yet because, as stated, it’s not done yet. But in posts like “G is for Giraffe”

      or “C is for Campus”

      I’ve tried to roam the campus and share some of the creativity & diversity of the many participants. Do I get comments complimenting me for sharing and showcasing the creativity on campus? Of course not. Who can be bothered saying “thanks for sharing”, people like you would rather spend their time complaining and having work taken down.

      Thank you for making it impossible to do work here.

      Note: the image on this page has been changed. If you think you still see the old image, please clear your browser cache and refresh the page.

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