Another Phenomenal Day (Individual Assignment, week 4)

I used the Kozel transcript instead of the video; because of the transcript’s portability, I explored my project in my backyard on another glorious Houston day. I noticed a more dramatic interplay between nature and civilization than I would have had I been in my office/classroom. Anyway, the true research/practice space for my work is my journal/notebook (earlier I said it was my office/classroom, but honestly it’s my journal, which I make sure is always small enough to take anywhere).


From pp. 1-87 of Closer, I pulled these quotes, which are Kozel’s reflections on David Gelertner’s terms:


spend some time engaging in low-focus data retrieval, which can be raw sensory data received immediately from the senses, as well a memories and imaginative constructs. Once this material is preserved in memory, or in a rough form of documentation such as video, notes, or sketches, we re-introduce some degree of the goal-oriented,-high focus, cognitive functioning that we require to shape the material into a document for dissemination.


the abstract…offers few traits shared by many instances, and the concrete includ[es] many traits based on one instance. (Kozel 53)