Hello all I haven’t been extremely present on…

Hello all!

I haven’t been extremely present on the website, so some of you may not know or recognize me. But I met Vanessa through the online NovoEd course, “Performance Based Research” and she invited me to join the group as the class came to a close. Life has been a bit hectic and full of a lot of soul searching in the past months as I am trying to decide what my next step. But, as things are becoming more clear, and as I am heading into more of the action stage of my ‘project’ rather than the processing stage I reached out to Vanessa looking for some input on how to make it happen. She recommended I post something on .Re/act to see if any of you had ideas.

Primarily, what I am looking for is some kind of funding or grant to continue my education this coming year with a Dance Intensive at Berlin Dance Center. However, I am somewhat late in the application game and have there for had trouble finding options that are still available.

To give some background on myself and where my interests lie: my primary interests are in the relationship between art, culture and social change. I am passionate about the way these three areas interact, especially as our world is entering a more globalized state, and how they have the power to influence and change our world and societies for the better. While focusing more on the academic and social side of these interests during my time in college, the importance of my own art practices became more clear to me and I decided to pursue them further. Having done so on my own for the past year I hope to further immerse myself through the Dance Intensive Program.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on grants or funding options I may look into I would love to hear them!

Besos from Spain!