Anyone Wanna Bug The LEA with Me?

I’m a student at Medici University. I don’t know much about the way things work in the Linden world, but I do know the great things happening at MU. I’ve been there for about 2 months, and I know personally the rewards I’ve reaped.


When I first came to Medici U I didn’t know what to expect. But the draw of what it offered, intrigued me. Now 2 months later, I’m creating more than I did in the first place, am constantly inspired to create more and actually have made amazing friends.

Why I’m writing. Its premature to talk about Medici closing, its very far off, but a lot of the students (and we have a lot of them) think this is what Second Life should be – a community of people who feed off each other to create amazing things. People have said, this is the kind of thing LEA is supposed to be about and it should be a permanent fixture in SL. Artists are collaborating together, teaching classes to educate those of us who don’t know how to do things, and are just having a blast living the ‘campus life’.

I’m the University Registar at the moment, a mostly honorary title really. I like to welcome people when I see them wandering around since I’m on the land often. People are thrilled at what they see, its an endless delight for the eyes and are intrigued by what we do. So many times, people are repeatedly coming back to visit because of what they find here, telling me they are so glad they found us.

This sim has impacted people’s lives, and has really been an great experience for me at least. You really get a campus feeling when you’re here. And even though I started off as that kid that just kind of is there for the ride, procrastinating and not doing much, now I’m taking classes offered by other students and trying a ton of new things I never would have before.

We learn how to use Gimp, take better pictures, have art challenges, do public art displays, make video art, encourage, collaborate, write stories, and bring real life authors in for q&a sessions.

I think if Medici U went away you’d lose one of those truly hidden gems in Second Life. I think if somehow it was given permanent funding you’d see how special it could grow to be, and when more and more artists get involved, I think it will become the golden child of the Second Life arts world in no time.

I know I could get a ton of glowing reviews for you with just putting out the word, if need be.  I’d love to know what can be done to keep this place running.

Oona Nostra (msbluerasp)

(This is the letter I’m writing. I figured why not right. Maybe go add your version at this site?