Activity No.9 – Avatar Hangout

Avatars standing in a clearing outside the meeting hut on Kimika Ying's "Sister Planet" on LEA29

It was supposed to be an hour-long “Avatar Hangout” but it turned into a day-long “Open House!” 😛

In the end 21 avatars came by to visit, see friends, and view Kimika Ying’s LEA29 installation Sister Planet

I used the SL Viewer to live photoblog to both Twitter & Flickr. And even a couple of frames to Facebook.

On Twitter we used the hashtag #avihang

And on Flickr we had lots of spots:
Vanessa’s Flickr
Kimika’s Flickr
Sister Planet Flickr Group
Avatar Hangouts Flickr Group

Kimika would love it if you’d add your pix to the Sister Planet Flickr group!
I’d love it if you’d add your pix to the Avatar Hangouts Flickr group!

Activity No.9 – Avatar Hangout

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Agnes Sharple
Betty Tureaud
Calliope Lexington
Emma Maybe
Isadora Alaya
Johan Neddings
Josain Zsun
Kimika Ying
Lace Jewell
Part Shamen
Paypabak Writer
Rinzler Riot
RMarie Beedit
Skye Fairywren
Soto Hax
Trilby Minotaur
Trill Zapatero
Ush Underwood
Vanessa Blaylock
Zsophia Innovia

It was so nice to see everyone! Hope to see you the 2nd Saturday of October for Avatar Hangout #2!