BAOC Awarded to Emma Maybe!

Emma Maybe & Izzy Medici at Nostradamus-8 at Medici University at LEA23

Emma being modest and Me dancing with joy to an Ithaca Audio live mashup as I present the 12th weekly BAOC Award to Emma!

Last week’s BAOC Award Winner, Alexandre Lois declined to award someone new, so I’ve restarted it today, appropriately enough on Emma’s return to campus! Emma has a brand new trophy, made of the finest plywood and sanded to a perfect .5 x .5 x .5 meters.

On campus Emma has been a true Big Avatar On Campus, always greeting and engaging so many people. Always taking an interest and sharing genuine concern for campus colleagues. Awesome as Emma’s on campus contributions have been, her extended vacation has almost been more remarkable. Off on a long 6-week, SL-free trip, she’s used Slack (and hacked poor Slackbot with Rick Astley!) to remain a vital part of our campus conversation. Emma’s desire to be a part of this community has transcended even 6 weeks off-world. You can’t ask for more than that. You can’t dream of more than that.

Welcome Home, Emma!


Glad Kidd, Emma Maybe & Izzy Medici dancing to a Rick Astley video

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