Four A.M. Pyromaniac (May Numbers Challenge)

I remember when
you took out those matches.
Pulled the red tip over the matchbox
and started that fire.

It happened so fast.
Your eyes glued to mine.
Watching me watch you,
as you threw the flame to the ground.

Stunned, I watched it burn bright
lighting up the night,
I was mesmerized.

Four A.M. Pyromaniac (May Numbers Challenge)

I pulled you away.

I moved my lips up to yours,
looked right into your eyes,
as I kissed you.

Do you want me to?

Yes… and no.

I don’t want to.

I know you don’t. But I warned you about fires.

Mmmhmm I know.

Then I reached out, took the matches from your hand, and pulled you down the path, as the fire continued to hiss and crackle behind us.